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Shauna climbing

21st Nov 2018

Core blimey: essential training and the centre of climbing success

Shauna Coxsey’s core workout has been shaping abs at the Hangar for four years. We want to share the secrets.
The Hangar Training
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Group climbing

10th Nov 2018

Why bouldering is good for you

Fun, inclusive and good for you, bouldering is about exercising your mind as much as your body.
The Hangar Training
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Competition climbing

24th Oct 2018

Nine tips to help you beast your first competitive event

Bouldering competitions aren't all about winning, and for new climbers they can be a masterclass in technique.
The Hangar Training
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Shauna climbing in Plymouth

07th Aug 2018

Funding heralds the next phase of the Hangar

The Hangar secures funding to drive growth, community and loads of fun across the UK
The Hangar News
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Kids climbing Liverpool

25th Jul 2018

Four reasons why climbing could make 2018 your kids' best summer yet

Climbing could be the key to your kids' best summer yet!
The Hangar Kids
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Climbers' foot on a small hold

04th Jul 2018

Slab skills

Get to grips with slab climbing with our handy skills videos
The Hangar Training
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Winning at The Hangar

15th Jun 2018

Why you should do a climbing competition

Why compete? We're often put off competing for fear of scoring badly or looking silly, but is winning the only reason we compete?
The Hangar Training
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Mick with mug

11th Apr 2018

Meet Mick - Liverpool General Manager

Mick joined us in December 2017 - get to know him.
Liverpool People
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Good stuff text

07th Dec 2017

Where good stuff happens

Working at The Climbing Hangar is so much more than a job
The Hangar Comment
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Sport supplement bottles

21st Nov 2017

Sports supplements

Chances are you’ve tried some form of dietary supplement, even if it was just a multi-vitamin, but do they really live up to their claims?
The Hangar Training
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Protein shake and chalk bag

24th Oct 2017

Protein power

Protein drinks and snack are all the rage; but how much protein do we really need?
The Hangar Training
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Nile climbing

26th Sep 2017

Where could climbing take you?

It's not just about what you do, but where you do it. Nile tells us about the adventures he's had due to his love of climbing.
The Hangar People
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