Why choose a women's climbing class?

One of the great things about bouldering is that men and women are often very equally matched. General physical strength is far from the only factor in success and women often have greater flexibility, and comparable tendon and hand strength.

But climbing is still a male-dominated sport and for women just starting out the wall can still feel like quite an intimidating place.

So we created Hangar Women Rock - a coach-led climbing class for women who like to train together. Mixed ability and hugely positive, HWR focuses on female climbing styles, sharp technique and creative problem-solving.

Best of all, unlike other fitness classes for women, Hangar Women Rock is a social event. A chance to meet like-minded women, who want to defy gravity as much as you do.

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We can't wait to see you. Take your pick from your home wall sessions.

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More than a total body workout for women

Hangar women are strong women... and in more ways than one.

Because there is more to climbing than physical strength. The difference maker is mental strength.

We have had so many inspirational ladies pass through our doors, from Shauna Coxsey's first days coaching our kids' clubs, to a number of our Squad team who are shining bright at competitions and so many who have found climbing is a new way to overcome their personal challenges.

Read some of their amazing stories