Why is indoor climbing great for kids

Bouldering is more than a physical and mental workout for kids, it's a fun and social part of their development, which could be the first steps on an adventure around the world.

Check out 4 key benefits of indoor climbing for children, beyond simply tiring them out:

1. Friendship

Climbing is great for making new friends. The best climbing buddies are brought together by a shared interest, a strong sense of teamwork and lots of fun.

2. Problem solving

Through climbing, kids don't just learn to move their hands and feet, they learn to try a puzzle, adopting different methods on each attempt. There's a reason our climbs are called "problems".

3. Confidence

Beating climbs and reaching the top of the wall is a confidence booster, but so is talking to other young climbers, coaches and adults, around the centre. The Hangar is a highly sociable place to be and our smallest climbers are just as much a part of that as anyone else.

4. Independence

When a child is on the wall, it's common to get a case of the heebie jeebies and feel a little stuck. We work to build their belief in themselves, help them to remain calm and understand that if they got up to a hold, they can get down from it. Cue puffed out chests, and very happy faces.

Seen enough? BOOK A CLIMB for your little monkeys and review our SUPERVISION GUIDELINES before your visit.

Or why not sign on to one of our group climbing activities for kids, below?

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Kids Climbing Classes

Kids don't simply learn the basics of climbing in our coach led sessions... they have a blast too.

Learn More
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Hangar Squad

The best young climbers can try out for the Hangar Squad and represent our gym at national competitions.

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Kids Parties & more

Parties with friends plus epic climbs just for kids? Sounds like the best party ever, right?



Coming soon to the Hangar website... learn about our expert coaches and get to know them before you set foot through the doors.

Our coaches are brilliant at what they do and best of all, they're lovely people!


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