‘’All climbing activities have a risk of serious injury. Participants must recognise that even if they follow all good practice there may still be the risk of accident and injury. It is the responsibility of the participant to adhere to the conditions of use.’’ - Association of British Climbing Wall (ABC) Participation Statement

The Climbing Hangar – Terms and conditions


The Climbing Hangar’s Terms & Conditions help us operate a busy climbing centre, while ensuring that the most stringent safety standards are adhered to. These safety standards are required by law, but we see them as much more than that. They ensure that our customers are kept safe and well whilst enjoying our facilities. Climbing is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

Your duty of care

The most up to date version of our Terms & Conditions will always be displayed on our website. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with them. We require our customers to abide by their provisions (whether or not you have read them) and we reserve the right to require customers not acting in accordance with them to leave. No refund will be given. In respect of children and groups attending the Centre, it is the responsibility of the parent or group leader to have familiarised themselves with these Terms & Conditions and the parent or group leader is responsible for ensuring that those in their care understand and abide by them.


  • All customers must complete a waiver document before climbing at The Climbing Hangar. Waivers can be completed online before arriving or on one of the terminals in the centre.
  • Every time you use The Climbing Hangar, please let us know that you have arrived by checking in at reception. Members and ticket holders will be required to scan in.
  • You should only go into our bouldering areas if you have registered your details with us.
  • As a minimum, registration details must include name, date of birth and a current contact address. If a registering climber has no full time address they must provide current documentary proof of an appropriate contact address and at least one nominated emergency contact.
  • Please keep us up to date with any changes to your personal details.
  • Please do not take food or drink onto the mats.
  • Only food and drink bought from our café may be consumed on the premises.
  • We serve alcohol in our cafes but customers are asked not to climb after consuming alcohol. Customers deemed to be under the influence of alcohol and climbing will be asked to leave the wall.
  • If you are involved in an incident or accident, or if you witness one, please ensure that it is reported to a member of our team as soon as possible.
  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour towards staff or other customers and / or wilful damage to The Climbing Hangar’s equipment will not be tolerated.
  • We provide lockers for use with your own padlock and cubby holes to store your personal equipment.
  • Personal belongings are left at the owners’ risk. Items left in the Climbing Hangar overnight will be kept in lost property and retained for one month
  • Unclaimed items are passed on to local charities or sold in the centre as second hand.
  • The Climbing Hangar accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to your personal property.
  • We accept no responsibility for personal injury caused by or during attendance on any activity.
  • We accept no responsibility for loss, damage or injury caused by or during attendance on any activity to yourself or your belongings.
  • We operate a no shirts off policy throughout the centre. This applies to the bouldering area and all socialising spaces.
  • We sometimes take photos and videos of customers for the sole use of The Climbing Hangar’s publicity and marketing material. Notices will be displayed and permission sought during filming and photography sessions but if you wish not to be caught on camera, please come and tell a member of staff during these events.
  • We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to refuse access to and / or membership of The Climbing Hangar
  • For your safety and security we operate CCTV throughout The Climbing Hangar.
  • We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.

Bouldering general

The British Mountain Council [BMC] recognises that climbing, bouldering and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

  • A full version of the participation statement outlining the risks inherent in climbing activities is made available at every Climbing Hangar venue. Please ensure you have read and understood these guidelines before climbing with us.
  • All climbers must complete a waiver before climbing at The Climbing Hangar.
  • All customers who are new to climbing must attend an induction session or watch the induction video before completing their waiver. Crew members will ask questions to check your understanding of the risks and safety requirements before signing you in for your first climb, but your safety at the wall is your responsibility.

Bouldering is a high risk, physically challenging activity which frequently results in falls. Any fall can result in serious injury regardless of the level of experience of the climber. By bouldering in our centres you acknowledge that you accept these risks.

The soft flooring under the bouldering walls is designed to provide a more comfortable landing for climbers coming off walls. It does not make bouldering any safer or prevent injury.

Rules to make bouldering safer

  • Jumping and falling off the bouldering wall, whether controlled or not may result in a serious injury. You are strongly advised to climb down and step off the wall.
  • Before starting a climb, ensure that you plan where you will be able to perform a controlled descent. If you feel a controlled descent is not possible, do not attempt the climb.
  • Never walk or climb underneath anyone who is bouldering.
  • All climbers are required to wear climbing shoes on the wall. Shoes hire is included in your entry price and a full range of sizes is available at reception
  • Do not hold on to or climb on top of the top of the wall
  • Where we provide top out boulders, you must descend via the slide or stairs – never climb back down the wall after topping out.
  • When choosing a route to climb, always give way to those already on a climb. Climbers on vertical problems have priority.
  • Keep the matting clear at all times. Objects left lying around can cause or exacerbate incidents.
  • Be aware of spinning holds, they may suddenly spin and cause you to fall. If you discover a spinning hold, please report it to a member of the crew immediately.
  • Jewellery should be removed before taking part in any activity.
  • By registering with us you accept that sometimes some areas of the wall may be closed for routine maintenance, route setting purposes or events. This is to improve both the community and the centre and we will not always be able to warn you in advance. We do not offer refunds or reduction of entry fees or memberships due to areas being closed.

Adult unsupervised bouldering

  • Once you have completed your waiver and our crew are satisfied that you understand the safety requirements and risks of climbing, you can use the centre without supervision.
  • All new climbers are required to complete an induction with one of our crew members or via the induction video, even if accompanied by a more experienced climber.

Unsupervised bouldering ages 14-17

  • Climbers aged 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on their first visit.
  • Once their waiver is signed off by the accompanying adult in person at the centre, climbers aged 14-17 are free to climb unsupervised.

Supervised junior bouldering (U14)

  • Junior climbers aged 4-6 can only climb as part of a coach-led session or in a designated space - this is not available at every site, so please check in with your local Hangar.
  • All climbers under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult. One adult can supervise a maximum of two juniors (including children who aren’t climbing). Climbing Hangar crew members will not take responsibility for supervising children except in coach-led sessions.
  • We do allow children under 4 in our centres, although not to climb (unless in a specialist session).
  • Children under 7 must be accompanied on a ratio of one adult to one child - i.e. if you have two five year olds with you you'll need two adults in attendance.
  • All adults who wish to supervise a junior climber (whether or not they climb themselves) must attend a safety induction. Supervisors are not charged entry.
  • Supervision is an active process – you should be able to see and be within earshot of your juniors at all times. Kids who appear ‘unsupervised’ may be asked to leave.
  • Some Hangars have areas reserved for ages 14 and up. Please respect these areas by not bringing kids in to climb.

Check our full supervision guidelines

Group supervision

  • All group leaders wishing to run self-lead groups at The Climbing Hangar must attend one of our Supervisor Induction sessions before their first group visit.
  • All self-lead groups must provide details of their public liability insurance and first aid qualifications at the supervision induction to be signed off.
  • Once registered, group leaders are responsible for providing us with copies of up to date certificates and documents. Expiry of any document will result in the your external instructor status being suspended pending a review of your new documents
  • Once you have completed the supervisor induction you are entitled to oversee groups of up to eight climbers (per instructor) aged 7+.
  • Group rates are available to groups of five or more climbers (supervisors come for free), and should be booked and confirmed by The Climbing Hangar in advance in writing. If you have not received confirmation via email your booking may not be valid and you may not be admitted to the centre if we’re at capacity. Same day bookings are available.
  • External Instructors must sign themselves and their group in at reception at the start of every visit. External Instructors are not charged for entry whilst instructing. If External Instructors wish to use the Centre after instructing a group and after the group have left the Centre, all activities must be paid for as normal.
  • External Instructors are reminded that we are a shared facility and open to the public. The behaviour of their group is their responsibility. Poor behaviour of their group towards a member of our team, a customer or otherwise may result in their group being asked to leave without a refund of the entire group.
  • External Instructors should not be climbing unless it is integral to the lesson. Personal climbing whilst teaching a group is dangerous and is unsafe practice
  • External Instructors acting in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the Centre with their group. No refund will be given and they may be banned from instructing at The Climbing Hangar. This is at the absolute discretion of The Climbing Hangar

Coach-led sessions bought online or at the venue

  • Payment for all coach-led sessions is taken at the time of booking. For sessions that are ‘included in entry’ customers are welcome to spend as long as they wish in the centre before/after the session period.
  • Cancellations received 24 hours or more before the session are eligible for 100% refund. Cancellation must be received by email or via phone.

Coach-led group bookings

  • Group bookings are only confirmed on payment of a 50% deposit based on the number of attendees you book for. Once paid, you’ll receive a written record of your booking details.
  • The remainder of the balance is payable before or on arrival for your session.
  • Additional participants can be added on the day up to a maximum of twelve per coach.
  • Cancellations received 7 days or more before the session will be eligible for a full refund. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations received less than 7 days before the event. All refunds will be processed back to the card on which payment was originally made.
  • For bookings made inside the 7 day notice period, no refunds will be given for cancellation or changes to the booking.
  • Organisers are responsible for letting The Climbing Hangar know of any health conditions or medical issues that may affect a participants’ involvement in the climbing activities, or any special requirements for the group.
  • Organisers are responsible for ensuring all participant data is collected in line with The Climbing Hangar’s insurance requirements, including waiver documentation, before the session.
  • If we have to cancel your session, we will do our best to rearrange the session at a mutually convenient time. If rearrangement is not possible, any payment already made will be refunded in full.
  • Groups are taught on specific instructor to student ratios. If you book onto an group session, you are agreeing to the teaching ratios The Climbing Hangar has set for that session. These ratios may vary between groups and the ratio used is at the absolute discretion of The Climbing Hangar. Session ratios do not take into account specific individual requirements. If there is a reason that you do not think a group ratio is acceptable to the student (such as different physical, behavioural or learning abilities) we can offer reduced ratio options. These may be subject to different pricing – please see website or speak to a member of The Climbing Hangar management for details.
  • While attending an activity, our instructors are responsible for the group. We reserve the right to remove an individual or to stop a session if the behaviour of an individual or of the group is unsafe. No discounts will be made for sessions ending early due to disruptive behaviour.
  • Sessions must start and end on time. If a group is late, we will not be able to run the session over the original finish time to make up for lost time.


Concession pricing is available in specified centres to the following groups with proof of status. Concessionary pricing only applies to adult standard entry climbing. All coach-led sessions and inductions (including those designated ‘included in entry’) are charged at the published standard entry rate.





NUS card/university or college ID card

Check local Hangar price pages



At any time

Emergency services


At any time



At any time

Registered unemployed

Letter of registration

At any time

Registered disabled

ID card

At any time

Registered carer

Local authority carers card or CEA card

At any time


Driving license

At any time

Retail returns and exchange policy

You may return your merchandise for a full refund or exchange of size within 14 days of the purchase date stated on your receipt on the basis that the item hasn’t been used and all tags/packaging are present, or if the product is faulty.


Shoes must be in a clearly unused condition and include the original undamaged packaging. Please return the shoes in the original manufacturer’s box they were sold in. Shoes that have been purchased must be free from chalk and contamination and show no signs that they have been used for climbing or going outside. If they do have signs of use they cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are faulty,


All items must be unused and include the original packaging with all tags attached. If you plan to return an item of clothing it must be in the same condition as when it was purchased. Once clothing has been worn and/or washed it cannot be returned or exchanged unless it is faulty.

Books and DVDs

Unless there is a fault we do not accept the returns of books or DVDs to prevent the copying of information

Returns on faulty goods

Goods found to be faulty within the first 30 days of purchase date (as stated on the receipt) can be returned for a full refund.

Good which develop a fault later than 30 days after the purchase date can be returned, however we have the opportunity to repair or replace the faulty goods where possible. We also have an opportunity to prove that the fault was not there when the customer received the goods, i.e. the goods have been used incorrectly, damaged in use or worn out. In these instances, it may require us to send the item to the manufacturer if a fault is not obvious or if it requires a more technical opinion. If we cannot have the item repaired or replaced we will refund the customer.

If a fault develops after 6 months of purchase it is the customer’s responsibility to prove that the fault was present at the time of purchase. If you, the customer, can do this, then we will accept the return.

We do not offer refunds on goods which have been damaged, or where the customer has tried or had someone else try to repair them. However, the customer may still have the right to a repair, replacement or partial refund.

All refunds will be made to the source of payment and cannot be requested in cash or vouchers

Multi-climb passes

  • Multi-climb passes are valid for a maximum of twelve months from purchase (six months for five visit passes)
  • There are no refunds available on multi-use passes that aren’t used in full
  • Multi-climb passes cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Multi-climb passes are only available for use at the Hangar where they are purchased

Gift vouchers

  • Vouchers are valid for a year from purchase. The gift voucher expiration date will be stated on them and they cannot be used after that date
  • Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed
  • Vouchers cannot be refunded of exchanged for cash or other denominated vouchers
  • If an intended purchase is for a higher amount than the face value of the voucher(s) the difference can be made up with a cash or credit card payment. If it is less, we may provide a coupon or voucher for the remaining amount. No cash change will be given.
  • Vouchers can be used to purchase any Climbing Hangar products and services
  • Vouchers cannot be sold to any third parties without our consent. If we do give our consent then such consent may be subject to any conditions which we impose. In any event, you may not sell the Vouchers through the internet without our express written consent, which you must obtain before making any such sale. We reserve the right at all times to refuse to permit any sale of Vouchers by you to a third party
  • Cancellation and refund policy: The purchaser of the voucher is entitled to a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period provided the gift voucher is returned unused and with the original receipt within 14 days of purchase, after which a full refund will be made. If you need to return a gift voucher please email [email protected]


Our membership subscription is a monthly flat rate. The price varies by centre so please check the membership details for your home Hangar.

There are no contracts, no joining fees, and no cancellation charges. We think it makes us the best value climbing wall in the UK.

What's included?

Hangar subscription membership comes with no contracts, no joining fees and no cancellation charges. It also includes the following benefits:
  • Free shoe hire
  • A range of coaching options (groups, socials, floorwalking)
  • Unlimited free guest passes per month*
  • After-school club
  • Free or discounted yoga (depending on facilities and demand - please check your home Hangar pages for details)
  • Members' only sessions
  • Discounts and early bird booking on loads of events
  • Unlimited climbing at any time
*the guest must not have climbed with the Hangar before

How does it work?

Taking out monthly membership
  • It is possible to sign up to membership in store or online. Your first payment will be a pro rata payment based on the normal monthly subscription for your Home Hangar (subject to a minimum charge equivalent to one PAYG standard entry price).
  • At the time of signing up, you will be asked to provide credit or debit card details from which a recurring payment will be taken on the same day each month until you decide to cancel (or your credit card expires).
Cancelling monthly membership
  • You can cancel at any time without penalty. Access to your membership services will continue until the end of the current billing cycle (eg. Up to the first of next month). No pro rata refunds will be given
  • If you wish to cancel please use the relevant cancellation/freeze membership form based on your Hangar location. Cancellation/freeze links are available via the website location pages. As long as your form is submitted before midday on the day before the end of your billing cycle (eg. the last day of the month) you will not be charged the next month's fee.
  • If your card expires or there are insufficient funds in your account on the date your subscription is due, we will attempt to take payment again within 48 hours. If we're still not able to take payment we will put a note on your account that payment was declined.  Your membership services will be suspended until you settle the account (which you can do at the desk at your next visit).
Freezing monthly membership
  • You can choose to freeze your membership at any time without penalty. It is possible to freeze your membership for the next 1, 2 or 3 months. You won't have access to the centre, during these months, but you won't be charged for the selected number of billing dates.
  • When you freeze your membership, access to your membership services will continue until the end of the current billing cycle (eg. up to the first of next month). No pro rata refunds will be given for the days between the freeze date and the next bill payment.
  • If you wish to freeze please use the relevant cancellation/freeze membership form based on your Hangar location. Cancellation/freeze links are available via the website location pages. As long as your form is submitted before midday on the day before the end of your billing cycle (eg. the last day of the month) you will not be charged the next month's fee.
  • Important: frozen memberships will automatically reinstate at the end of the selected freeze period. For example, if you freeze your membership for one month, you won't be charged on the next billing date, but you will be charged on the second future billing date and your membership services will be reinstated automatically.
Rock Club Membership
  • Unlike our regular membership product, Rock Club membership cannot be frozen, but can be cancelled at any time and reinstated at no extra cost.
  • The primary benefit of Rock Club membership is to guarantee a place on Rock Club classes. As such we cannot hold a place for a long-term absent and non-paying participant and we cannot guarantee that their place may not be taken upon their return.
Student Membership Passes
  • Until 31 January 2024, students can sign up for a student membership pass which entitles them to 3, 6 or 9 months of Hangar membership for 1 discounted price (prices vary by centre)
  • Student membership must be paid for in full, up front and no refunds are available
  • 3, 6 or 9 months of unlimited climbing will begin from the date of purchase
  • Passes can be purchased online but registration must be completed at the check in desk upon the customer's next visit to site
  • Student passes are only available with valid student ID
  • Student passes cannot be frozen or cancelled, but for a reduced commitment regular monthly membership is available and can be frozen or cancelled any time

Future pricing

  • We reserve the right to change our membership pricing and introduce cancellation charges at a future date, but we will always let you know before we do so with enough notice for you to cancel your membership without additional charges

Privacy Policy 2019

See our separate privacy policy notice for details of the information we hold about customers and how we use it.


The copying and use of The Climbing Hangar logo and other Climbing Hangar related publications is strictly prohibited without our prior consent.

You can contact us by speaking to staff in a Centre or by writing to us using the contact form found at https://theclimbinghangar.com/liverpool/contact  If we have to contact you we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address or postal address you provided to us in your application form.