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Having discovered climbing atop a Scottish cliff top, Ged Mac had a vision. Why not build a climbing wall which not only gave him and his friends a place to work and play together, but also created a space that welcomed anyone to come and experience the sense of adventure and achievement that had changed his outlook on life.

The Climbing Hangar Liverpool was born. It opened in 2011 after nearly two years of blood, sweat and tears (and months of very cold nights sleeping on matting foam with a good few small furry friends) and became our beating heart.

The warmth, positivity and encouragement of our Liverpool community has driven us forward, inspiring us to share the love and look further afield. In 2015 we opened our London site and Plymouth followed in 2018. Now, with over 3000 members, 12,000 regulars and the backing of people who share the vision, we’re building the Hangar into a nationwide climbing brand with a very local outlook.

Every new location is an opportunity to enjoy new challenges, meet new people and share our passion. We couldn’t do it without the people who climb with us every day, finding connection, courageousness, adventure and fun on our walls. We are hugely grateful, and we can’t wait to keep getting better for you guys and keep being #BolderTogether.

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  • 21st Mar 2019

    CAC Mountain March: Participants Climb Free

    The Hangar News
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  • 21st Mar 2019

    TCH Plymouth: Yoga for Toddlers, Babies and Pregnancy

    We're launching yoga classes specifically for expectant mothers or those with small children. Find out more here.
    Plymouth News
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  • 19th Mar 2019

    TCH Liverpool Gallery: UV Night 2019

    Take a look at a few snaps from our latest big party night at TCH Liverpool
    Liverpool Events
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