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The Climbing Hangar started life in a Liverpool warehouse in 2011. Since then we’ve grown to become a national business with four sites, 70 employees and over 12,000 climbers coming through the doors every month (4000 of whom are Hangar members).

Our mission is simple – to help our customers lead happier, healthier and more connected lives through climbing.

We are passionate about climbing. But more importantly we’re passionate about the impact that a social, challenging, supportive, progressive and fun activity can have on people’s lives, regardless of ability, age or fitness. Everything about the Hangar experience is designed to be easy to access, inclusive and friendly so you feel right at home, right away.

We have ambitious plans for the next few years, and we’re inspired to keep getting better by the experiences and stories of the people who climb with us every day. So thank you to everyone who has been part of the Hangar story so far, and to everyone else, we look forward future adventures. #boldertogether


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  • Little girl wearing ticket to rockstars tshirt

    08th Jul 2019

    adidas Rockstars comes to the UK

    Ticket to Rockstars comes to the UK for the first time, and the Hangar is hosting all three rounds.
    The Hangar Events
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  • 28th Jun 2019

    Summer Bouldering Series: Round 1 Results

    Check out the results from Round 1 of the SBS.
    The Hangar News
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