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Welcome to the Hangar.

The Climbing Hangar started life in a Liverpool warehouse in 2011. Since then we’ve grown to become a national business with 8 sites, hundreds of employees and over thousands of climbers coming through the doors every month (more than 10,000 of whom are monthly members).

Our mission is simple – to inspire bolder living through indoor climbing

But what does that even mean?

It means inspiring people to test themselves, feel great and be a part of a community of psyched, like minded people.

Some Hangar climbers eat, sleep, live and breathe this crazy sport.

Others run, swim, cycle, surf, dance, paint, draw, do whatever it takes to make them happy and fulfilled.

We don't care what you do, as long as you give it your best, and you're nice to people and planet while you're doing it.

Here at TCH, we are passionate about climbing, but we’re also passionate about the impact that a social, challenging, supportive, progressive and fun activity can have on people’s lives, regardless of ability, age or fitness.

Everything about the Hangar experience is designed to be easy to access, inclusive and friendly so you feel right at home, right away.

Because the Hangar is more than a gym, it's a hub. It's the starting point for a wide variety of stories. Stories about trying hard, doing your best and changing people's lives. We can't wait to write the next chapter with you.

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Hangar Food and Drink

The Hangar café offers a wide variety of fresh, locally sourced and tasty meal options, from handmade sourdough pizzas baked right on site, to regularly updated food specials inspired by a wide variety of global cuisines.

Because there’s more to a climbing session than the workout. When the hard work is done, you want somewhere to hang out with your mates and treat yourself to something good. And we know just the place!

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  • Shauna Coxsey - dyno.png

    08th Mar 2024

    Women Rock: Shauna Coxsey

    Shauna Coxsey is one of Britain’s most successful competitive climbers, now focusing on outdoor projects & commentating on the biggest climbing events across the world. Find out more about her here.
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  • Tara3.png

    08th Mar 2024

    Women Rock: Tara Hayes

    Tara Hayes is one of our routesetters at TCH Sheffield but outside of work, she’s also a solid climber. She's set her focus on rock climbing and has some pretty big ambitions for the future.
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  • Louise Flockhart comp.png

    07th Mar 2024

    Women Rock: Louise Flockhart

    Louise Flockhart is a rising star on the climbing scene. She has some impressive competition results under her belt and sights set on the LA 2028 Olympics. Find out more about her here.
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