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    Support your local Hangar community during lockdown by purchasing a gift voucher which can be redeemed when we reopen.

    You purchase climbing sessions, cafe treats or cool stuff from our retail shop. Best of all, you support TCH at a critical time for the leisure industry. Win-win.


    One of the best things about bouldering is how easy it is to get going. You don’t need to be a athlete to try it, and what's more, you'll probably be better than you thought! But you may still have some questions, so where here to help.

  • COVID-19

    We're raising the bar for safety and hygiene at indoor climbing walls. Learn more about coronavirus and climbing, and our #safe2climb campaign. We even made a fun film with the crew from our Liverpool Matchworks site. 



No joining fee, no contracts and no cancellation charges. Climb when you want, for as often as you want for less than the cost of three monthly pay-as-you-go visits.

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  • How to make a sourdough loaf

    20 to 28 February is Real Bread Week, the annual, international celebration of additive-free loaves and the people who make them. In honour of the event, our friend Owen, Founder of SouredO's, has provided directions for you to make your very own sourdough loaf... just like the ones his company supplies to our Liverpool venues. Read More

    The best new films about climbing

    By Mick Crosbie, from Hangar Matchworks This just in… LOCKDOWN SUCKS… walls are closed, travel is restricted, and the weather has ensured that even if you had a crag on your doorstep, you still couldn’t climb. If you’re like Mick, the General Manager of our Liverpool Matchworks venue, you’re either climbing, thinking about climbing, or watching other people climbing online. So, what are the best ways to do Option 3? What are the best new films about climbing, so that we can all climb vicariously, and be a part of the conversation, even while we’re stuck at home? Here are Mick’s picks: Read More
  • Queer Representation in Climbing

    In the UK, February is LGBT+ History Month; and with the immense amount of time thrust into her hands by lockdown, Helen Astle from TCH Plymouth has been thinking about queer representation in British climbing. Is this community less integrated into the climbing industry than our American counterparts? And if so, what might we do to address this? Read More

    How I’m Staying Fit During Lockdown

    Like so many of us, Big Ben Fitz is stuck at home right now. So how does Hangar Liverpool's resident tower of power remain strong during lockdown? Apparently, the answer involves chocolate cereal, bathroom windows, and suspect yoga poses. Read More
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