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Do I need an induction?

If you've never climbed before you'll need to come to come to an induction session (even if you're in the company of experts). Booking in advance is essential in London and recommended in our other venues.

If you're bringing the kids but don't intend to climb yourself, you'll still need to come to an induction to ensure you understand the dangers in the wall and how to keep your little ones safe. Again, booking in advance is best.

If you've climbed a few times you'll be asked some questions about your experience when you arrive. Don't be offended if we recommend you do an induction after this - it may well just be a refresher, but it's our way of ensuring everyone is safe in the environment, and we promise it won't take too long. You might even pick up some useful tips!

At our Plymouth site, inductions are compulsory for all parties.

Do I need to book in advance

Yes, all visits to The Climbing Hangar must be booked in advance as we operate at a limited capacity in accordance with government guidance on coronavirus.


Can kids under 18 climb unsupervised?

Yes. 14-17 year olds are welcome to climb at the Hangar without an adult but you do need to bring a parent of guardian with you on your first visit so we can get the waiver signed off in centre (even if you complete the waiver form at home). Once that’s done you’re free to come and go as you please.

Can I reserve a space and pay on the day

Lots of our sessions are included in your entry price. For Liverpool, London and Plymouth you can book online and pay entry when you arrive at the centre.

In Swansea our booking system requires that you pay your entry fee at the time of booking a session.

For all paid sessions you'll need to pay at the time of booking. We're not able to reserve spaces on your behalf.

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