How it works

Purchasing a Hangar gift card is super simple, you can pop into to centre and purchase one at reception. Alternatively, follow these few steps:

  1. Choose your local Hangar on this page
  2. Select the amount you’d like to load onto the voucher
  3. Enter the recipient’s name and the message you’d like to send them
  4. Enter your details
  5. Choose whether you’d like to email the voucher to someone directly or print it yourself

Feeling the pinch?

(And we don’t mean the climbing hold). You can buy a TCH gift card for any amount you fancy up to £200. If you’re not a climber yourself, here’s a little idea as to what you can get for your cash.

  • £5-10 – A delicious treat from our café
  • £10-20 – The cost of entry for a climbing session
  • £20-50 – Some cool bits from the shop like Hangar apparel, with some other essentials like chalk thrown in too
  • £50-200 – The world's your oyster! This could be spread across multiple entry costs, a few lunches at the café, some little bits from the shop or a bigger purchase like some new shoes.



Climbing Hangar gift vouchers are available online and are delivered via email.

Vouchers are only valid in the venue where they were purchased (at the moment). And they do have to be used within twelve months. But they're available in a range of amounts up to £200 and redeemable against everything we sell, including our monthly membership dues.

Click on your local Hangar below to get yours.

Liverpool vouchers can be redeemed at either of our venues in the city.

Hangar membership - probably the best value climbing in the world

Did you know that the Climbing Hangar offers an unlimited monthly membership subscription so you can climb when you want, whenever you want for as long as you want?

We're pretty chilled. No joining fees, no contracts and no cancellation charges. Just join and drop your membership when you want and get access to discounts, early bird tickets and Members' LockIn late nights.

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