When will work begin?

We will begin on Monday the 11th September.

When will work end?

Our schedule is to be finished and reopen the whole centre including the new extension on Friday the 27th of October.

How will it impact existing facilities on site?

We will be open for business as usual, with our full hours as normal throughout the improvements, however, the right-hand wing of the climbing area, including the training board and finger boards will be closed as they are part of the extension works.

Will centre opening times remain the same?

Yes completely, so get in at 6.30 am M-F for a cooler morning session as usual!

Will it be noisier on-site during the works?

Hopefully, you won't notice an impact from the work as most of the construction will occur in the new adjacent unit we are expanding into.

What isn’t changing?

The majority of the existing climbing area will remain the same awesome centre you all know and love.

What will the new site offer that it doesn’t already?

The new space will include loads more climbing, with a focus on steeper wall angles which have been the feedback on what's missing. It will also include one of the only Kilter Boards in the North West, as well as a new Beastmaker system board and a large fully equipped gym.

Thank you for your patience while this disruption is going on. Rest assured, we've been listening to your feedback ever since we first opened, and we're confident that the end result will leave you psyched.


We’ll be sharing more details and some sneak peeks as to what this new extension has in store for you all over the next few weeks, so make sure you’re following us over on instagram.