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22nd Jan 2023

Hangar Reading BTS: Route-setting on a brand new wall

In the latest video from The Hangar YouTube Channel, we caught up with Ollie Jerrett, otherwise known as OJ, and tagged along while he set a brand new climb at our newest site, The Climbing Hangar Reading.
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20th Jan 2023

Be first on our brand new wall

The Climbing Hangar Reading launch is just days away, and you have the chance to be amongst the very first people on the wall. Click here to find out more.
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11th Jan 2023

See the latest progress at TCH Reading

Reading...set...GO. Berkshire's best value bouldering wall is opening its doors on Monday 30 Jan and the progress is coming in strong to get the wall prepped for your first climb. See our setters get their hands on some fresh holds for the wall.
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10th Jan 2023

Q&A session with our routesetters

We got some of the big dogs of routesetting, Dan Knight and Mike Hart, to answer some of your questions on Instagram. Have a look at them here.
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06th Dec 2022

Gift Ideas for climbers

Christmas is just around the corner and the last-minute present-shopping panic is well and truly here! If you’ve got a climber in your life and have no clue what they want for Christmas, don’t stress. We’ve pulled together a list of present ideas at varying price options that every climber is guaranteed to love.
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slab v overhang.png

05th Dec 2022

Climbing Slab v Overhang

Most climbers will have a preference for climbing wall angle but it's important to climb both to become a good all-round climber. Head coach at TCH London, Cris, gives his super quick tips on how to best climb different wall angles.
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1 climb 3 beta.png

16th Nov 2022

1 Climb, 3 Beta: Climbing to suit your style, body shape, and size

There's no right or wrong way to climb! Everyone will climb differently depending on body shape, size and movement preference on the wall... Connor, head coach at TCH Plymouth, explains more.
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03rd Nov 2022

The different types of climbing holds explained

Learn how best to use different climbing holds and get to grips (completely unintentional pun) with the terminology thanks to coach Emily and route setter Ellie from our TCH Swansea team.
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30th Oct 2022

Hangar Hangout 2022

In July 2022, hundreds of Hangar employees from all around the country came together for the first annual Hangar Hangout at TCH Sheffield. Here's how it all went down...
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climbing tips.png

26th Oct 2022

Simple techniques to make bouldering a little easier

Anna & Sophie are here to show you some simple techniques you can adopt straight away to make climbing a little easier!
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20th Oct 2022

One year of TCH Sheffield!

Come join us on 28 October 2022 from 5 pm for some sick blocs and bangin’ beats. Free for Hangar members or regular price for PAYG climbers. More details here.
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19th Oct 2022

Games on the climbing wall: Elimination

Looking for something to mix up your climbing sessions and get your mates involved? Give elimination a go!
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