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09th May 2024

SBL 2024: FAQs

The Summer Bouldering League is back and there are more chances to go home a winner than ever before.   All you need to do for the chance to win is purchase a scorecard and take part in the comp.   Here's a bunch of useful info, if you're still on the fence.
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03rd May 2024

SBL: Summer Bouldering League 24 FAQs

The Summer Bouldering League is back and this time every round is a one-night-only summer bloc party: complete with climbing, food and great tunes. So what else is new? Find out the answers to this and other questions, right here.
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26th Apr 2024

A Short History of Edinburgh's Climbing Scene

To celebrate the launch of Hangar Edinburgh, we asked climber/journalist/Hangar legend Natalie Berry to tell us a little about the local climbing scene.  Here's a beginners guide to the local climbing scene in Nat's own words.
Edinburgh Comment
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Shauna Coxsey - dyno.png

08th Mar 2024

Women Rock: Shauna Coxsey

Shauna Coxsey is one of Britain’s most successful competitive climbers, now focusing on outdoor projects & commentating on the biggest climbing events across the world. Find out more about her here.
Blog People
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08th Mar 2024

Women Rock: Tara Hayes

Tara Hayes is one of our routesetters at TCH Sheffield but outside of work, she’s also a solid climber. She's set her focus on rock climbing and has some pretty big ambitions for the future.
Blog People
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Louise Flockhart comp.png

07th Mar 2024

Women Rock: Louise Flockhart

Louise Flockhart is a rising star on the climbing scene. She has some impressive competition results under her belt and sights set on the LA 2028 Olympics. Find out more about her here.
Blog People
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Hannah Morris - Outdoors.png

06th Mar 2024

Women Rock: Hannah Morris

Hannah Morris is a champion of building a strong climbing community, she has worked to build a space for climbers to connect and find growth through the sport.
Blog People
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(SOCIALS 1080px 72dpi) TCH - Sandhills (OCTOBER 2023) ©Rob Battersby 6.jpg

01st Mar 2024

Kendal Mountain Masters: Results

The first ever Kendal Mountain Masters Tour is in the books! More than 700 competitors took part in the comp series, hitting the blocs, enjoying the world premiere films and taking home a variety of goodies. And now, we're finally publishing the scores. How did you do?
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oj, dan mike.png

12th Feb 2024

Edinburgh: Meet the team behind the climbs

In the heart of Scotland's vibrant climbing community, a trio of seasoned route setters are gearing up to make their mark. With a combined experience spanning decades, Dan, Mike, and OJ bring a fresh perspective to the art of route setting, transforming mere plastic holds into immersive experiences. In our latest blog, we introduce you to the team and discover what it means for them to finally get into Scotland.
Edinburgh News
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The roof takes shape

07th Feb 2024

Edinburgh: First glimpse of the wall

Our newest and northernmost gym is currently under construction in Edinburgh. In our latest blog, we offer a glimpse at the wall-in-progress and provide a variety of need-to-know info in advance of the launch.
Edinburgh News
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(SOCIALS 1080px 72dpi) TCH MATCHWORKS - Staff Day (OCTOBER 2023) ©Rob Battersby 92.jpg

16th Jan 2024

First look at The Climbing Hangar Edinburgh

The Climbing Hangar is heading to Edinburgh! And we’re bringing an all-new 18,000 square-foot bouldering centre, opening early 2024.
Blog News
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Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 11.00.26.png

13th Dec 2023

Icons join The Kendal Mountain Masters Tour

Our new comp series, powered by Kendal Mountain Events, Ellis Brigham and The North Face, just added some serious star power to its schedule. A variety of The North Face athletes are slated for comps all over the UK, including Caroline Ciavaldini and Stefano Ghisolfi. Find out more here.
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