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gym workout for climbers.png

24th Aug 2022

Gym Workout for Climbers

Leah Crane, head coach at TCH Sheffield, is showing us through her workout routine to keep her fit and strong on the wall.
Blog Training
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max prescott resilience.png

18th Aug 2022

Resilience: Climbing with an eating disorder

Former competitive youth climber and Hangar climber, Max Prescott, opens up about his troubles around climbing with an eating disorder. *Trigger warning: ED*
Blog People
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Geddonbury.png (1)

16th Aug 2022

Geddonbury 2022 at TCH Plymouth

TCH Plymouth’s answer to the festival of the summer is coming! Lock in the date Saturday 27 August 2022 to get involved.
Blog Events
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(CANVA) Hangar Liverpool - Squad (October 2021) ©Rob Battersby 45.jpg

10th Aug 2022

The Hangar Squad open day is coming to TCH Swansea!

The Hangar Squad Exeter open day is being held at TCH Swansea on Sunday 4th Sept 2022. Come along for FREE for some comp climbing and get a feel for what Squad and the Hangar is all about. Find out more here.
Blog Events
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10th Aug 2022

5 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Bouldering Trip

Cris Fontano, head coach at TCH London, has recently been on a tour of some of America's most beautiful bouldering destinations. All the way from Yosemite Valley, he is here to share his top 5 tips on how to plan your fits outdoor bouldering trip.
Blog Knowledge Centre
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Blog photos (1).png

20th Jul 2022

Book Talk: Zofia Reych - Born to Climb

We are proud to be hosting Zofia Reych to talk about their new book - Born to Climb, at TCH Swansea and TCH Liverpool Sandhills. There will be an opportunity to ask Zofia about their book and even the chance to get your copy signed! Find out more details here.
Blog Events
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TCH Matchworks 1.jpg

19th Jul 2022

Looking for something for the kids to do this summer?

Are your kids already climbing the walls just at the thought of the summer holidays? Are you already stressing about how to keep them entertained for 6 weeks? We have a solution for you… send them to climb our walls instead! Find out more about our Summer Camp sessions.
Blog Kids
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Exeter on the mats 2.jpg

27th Jun 2022

Important information: closing for 48 hours

On Monday 11 July 2022 all our Hangars are closing for one day only. Opening hours will be affected between Sunday 10 July to Tuesday 12 July. Check here for your local sites opening hours over these days.
Blog News
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(WEB SIZE) Hangar Liverpool - Squad (October 2021) ©Rob Battersby 49.jpg

30th May 2022

3 tips for an enjoyable bouldering session

Head coach at TCH Liverpool Sandhills, Sam Owens, offers his 3 tips to help you have a great session at the wall! Forget these worries and just enjoy your climb... Watch Sam's advice here.
Blog Training
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17th May 2022

5 quick changes to make a big difference to your climbing

Climbing is all about small, incremental improvements that leads to big gains in your climbing. 5 small changes you make every time you go climbing could drastically improve your climbing. Read more.
Knowledge - Basic Technique Training
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We are hiring Poster (A4 Document).png

13th May 2022

Hangar Jobs: Meet Alex, General Manager

Life as a TCH General Manager is never dull, but Alex Read, the GM of TCH Exeter wouldn't have it any other way. Find out more about his experience working at The Climbing Hangar here.
Blog People
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12th May 2022

A close shave for Hangar coach

Our amazing Hangar Women Rock coach at TCH Liverpool Matchworks, Anna Rowe, recently shaved her head to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Take a look here.
Blog People
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