Why choose a climbing coach?

Working with a climbing coach is essential for those who want to improve their strength, agility and technical skill. It’s not just for the elite.

Our one-to-one climbing coach sessions (or one to two, since training with friends is important) can help you push through those pesky plateaus with focused practice, new techniques and increased confidence.

We can help you find a coach to suit your level and aspirations, whether you want a little boost to unlock a new set of grades or want to take your climbing to the highest possible level.

How does it work?

Have a look over our coach profiles below and book in with them directly, or get in touch and we can help find the right person to support you depending on your experience and goals.

Take on the training plan yourself or continue your sessions to reach your goals. The choice is yours.  Available to ages 14+.

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I love to coach body positioning and movement, advanced footwork and advanced physical training for climbing - I've got extensive experience coaching both ropes and bouldering, and have a major interest in helping bridge the gap between the wall and the crag.

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I make climbing as fun and enjoyable as possible; I pride myself on my levels of psyche and enthusiasm I bring to my sessions. My main areas of knowledge are physical training for climbing, dynamic movement and climbing tactics.

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Improver Classes

Looking for something a little less formal? Why not try one of our First Steps or Next Level classes!

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Someone Missing?

Can't see who you're looking for, or unsure of who to choose? Hit us up!

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