I did a 6-week climbing course when I was 8 to try something new and really enjoyed it. After that, I kept going back and entered my first competition (Youth Climbing Series) when I was 9. Since then I haven't looked back and I've now been climbing for 18 years.

Last year, Tara decided to take a step down from the comp scene, “I realised that my heart was no longer in competition climbing, so I've chosen to step aside from the comp scene.”” Now it's time to change it up and focus on rock, excited to see what I can achieve next”.

Even with this big change in her climbing career, Tara remains motivated “I have plenty of goals within climbing that I'd like to achieve so that definitely keeps me psyched for training. There are also so many different aspects to work on that it never gets boring.”



Climbing is a workout for the whole body and mind. Yes, sometimes you will need to pull hard and push your physical limits (if that’s part of your goals), but it also requires the right headgame, thinking about that next move, believing you can land that dyno, trusting that foot on a volume or tiny pebble. “I love the multitude of challenges it provides, both mentally and physically,” Tara explains.

“It's also a great way to meet like-minded people and it's taken me to some amazing places.” Tara has travelled all over to tick off some amazing outdoor projects in beautiful areas such the Rocklands in South Africa, Brione in Switzerland, Fontainebleau in France and of course the Peak District right on her doorstep.


Tara has achieved a lot in all her years climbing both indoors and out. “I'd say within competitions it would have to be coming second in the Youth World Championships. In terms of outdoor climbing, I was super psyched to climb Fat Lip last summer, which was my first 8B boulder. Not sure I can choose between the two as they're very different and both required a lot of commitment!”


“Try hard, have fun and don't set any limits. Climb with people you can have some light-hearted competition with to get you out of your comfort zone.”

You can keep up to date with Tara on her Instagram.