Louise was always a sporty kid and found climbing from a young age when she joined her local wall’s kids classes at age 8, “I wasn’t very good to start, but I really enjoyed it so was determined to stick with it”. At 15, she moved away from other sports and decided “climbing was the one!”, she was selected for the Scottish Youth Team and GB Junior Team.

We asked Louise what her favourite thing about climbing was, she said “I love climbing because of the variety within the sport. Every time you go, you do new and different moves and this challenges both the brain and body.”. Whether you see a cool move on Instagram, an achievement from a top climber, or just something that peaks your interest on the latest reset, inspiration is everywhere in climbing!

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“I also love that climbing has a really strong community around it, and it's a sport you can do for life.”. It’s no secret that climbing has one of the best communities in sport, whilst it’s a solo sport, you will always find a support team on the ground routing for you, even if they’re complete strangers!


Whilst Louise trains hard for climbing competitions, her no.1 motivation is to keep it enjoyable. “Put simply - it's fun! Although I love the challenge of a competition, if I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't do it.”.

Try new things (even if it’s on a climb you know you can’t do but want to do that one move), make up some games if you’re not feeling a traditional session of sending climbs, get dedicated to projecting a climb and try it over and over – just make sure you’re having a good time! “I like that within climbing you can be a bit silly and just try cool things.”

“I would say my biggest achievement is my consistency over the years and that I still enjoy it 12 years on. I have a lot of competition results that I am proud of, but I can't pick one which is particularly stand out.”


“Climbing is all about personal growth and challenging yourself. No one is judging you for falling off, they are admiring your ability to try hard climbs! Find yourself a good community and just have fun!”

You can keep up to date with Louise on her Instagram.