Hannah started climbing at university in Leeds back in 2013. “Climbing quickly became my north star for building physical and mental strength. Striving to improve my climbing gave me a meaningful project in improvement and self-belief that I hadn't previously had.”

She has experienced the mental health benefits of climbing first-hand and built her platform to share this with others. “I love climbing for many reasons, but a couple of things that jump out to me are its ability to connect people, and that as an activity, it embodies the spirit of adventure and pushing your comfort zone.”

Hannah explains how she continues to find satisfaction and motivation to climb after 11 years, “Climbing is an ever-changing and evolving puzzle, and the more I climb, the more I'm learning that sitting with puzzles provides really cool lessons for life generally."

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We can all associate with the quietening feeling climbing can bring to our busy minds, “Climbing is the dimmer switch I think I need to help me reign in a busy, jumble-prone brain”, Hannah describes. “When I'm climbing, I can't afford to be worrying about anything else. I need to be focusing on if I've placed my foot properly, or where exactly on the sloper is the best place to hold.”

“When I’m climbing, I’m problem-solving, exploring my environment in a tactile way, and challenging the self-doubt that crops up when you're trying something at the limit of your capability. I love that climbing is a way for me to confront doubt and uncertainty, and prove to myself that with a little perseverance, you can make things happen.”


Hannah has long been an inspiration to many climbers who are looking to develop in the sport. With regular guests on her YouTube channel from expert coaches to inspiring athletes, she has nurtured the largest female-led climbing channel in the UK. “Using my platform to encourage others to push their own boundaries also motivates me, especially women who don’t believe this space is for them. I want to keep sharing my own experience as a regular climber to show that climbing is for everyone.”

“To me, the channel really does embody the rewards of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and the power of relentless optimism. I'd be the first person to say I'm not a natural-born presenter, confident host or elite climber and I often find being online in a media space that's historically valued pro climbers (most often men) vulnerable, but I hope that choosing to apply a "maybe I'll just try anyway?" attitude has proven that you can exceed your own and others’ expectations.”

“The Hannah Morris Bouldering channel is my biggest achievement. It's absolutely a joint achievement, and I couldn't have done it without the help of many amazing people who've invested their time and work, sponsors like The Climbing Hangar and the incredible guests who've joined me for episodes over the years.”


“Climbing will take you exactly where you want it to if you let it - with the right application and persistent self-belief, your relationship with climbing will be precisely your creation. I hope my platform is a space that empowers women with self-belief and the confidence to enjoy their own climbing journey on their terms.”

You can keep up to date with Hannah and her inspiring guests on her Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels.