We like to think that everyone at the Hangar feels safe, supported and secure while they’re inside our walls.

But we do operate late at night and off the beaten track which means our customers could be vulnerable whilst coming and going.

Our London Hangar has joined over 50 organisations across the city by signing up to the London Night Czar’s Women’s Night Safety Charter to make sure we’re equipped to help customers feel safer, and know they can rely on our support.

The charter is a set of seven pledges that ask us to equip customers with knowledge and ideas to keep themselves safe, look after one another and ensure that staff are trained to support women who come to us in distress or reporting an incident.

The Charter formally launches on 19th July at City Hall and Hangar Women's rep Olivia Anstee will be at the event to find out about the initial plans and how we can start taking practical steps as part of the community.

And while the Night Charter is focused on female safety as part of a wider London campaign, we will be extending the same advice and training to all customers and staff at every Hangar.

For now, we’d like to remind everyone that our staff are always on hand to help if you feel vulnerable, unsafe or concerned about someone else, or you need help, whether you’re in the centre or nearby. And a few tips for travelling to and from the Hangar as safely as possible:

  • Walk with friends whenever possible, especially when leaving late at night. We can always make introductions to other Hangar customers if you need a walking buddy
  • We’re always happy to help with public transport information, especially if there are strikes or closures to make sure you’re not stranded – just ask
  • Keep our phone number in your phone – we’re often the only place open nearby when you leave at might and we’re usually open for at least half an hour after doors close, so if you do need help we’re a good call, literally

If you run a business in London which you think could help keep women safe in the city at night, you can sign up to the Women's Night Safety Charter online.

Calling all fierce females

Our weekly women's only social brings climbers of all levels together to offer support and encouragement in a friendly and relaxed environment and best of all, it's included in standard entry.

Because Hangar Women Rock.

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