Roaming homebody

Owen is a stalwart of not only the Hangar family, but the local bouldering scene. When he’s not providing The Hangar café with that freshly baked, locally produced sourdough that everyone loves, Owen spends most of him time climbing, both indoors and out. There’s not a crag in the UK that Owen hasn’t visited, and he’s ticked quite a few international crags off his list too.

Owen found climbing in his last year of university, when, whilst looking for an alternative to clubbing every weekend, he was introduced to the Liverpool University bouldering wall by a friend. Having already tried swimming, running and a multitude of other sports, climbing offered a unity between body and mind that seemed to be missing anywhere else. After trying real rock once, he was hooked

Initially climbing trad, his lack of fondness for exposure steered him towards bouldering, with its gymnastic quality of movement and freedom to pull hard. Developing new areas and climbing in esoteric (little known, poorly trafficked, often marmite) locations means that there is no style of climbing that Owen hasn’t tried. Despite climbing everywhere in the UK, his homeland of Wales is where his heart truly lies, in particular, the Llyn Peninsula and Parisella’s cave in Llandudno. By his own admission, he is just as happy on a crumbling bit of rock by the sea as he is on a soaring line in a gritstone boulder field. He enjoyed success both with his climbing (he’s climbed 8A outside), and with his own blog, ‘Skinny Dog’s Esoteric Bouldering Guide’, through which he secured a deal with Tenaya.

Climbing, baked in

Climbing is Owen's switch off, his way of dealing with things, his enjoyment; whether it’s completing circuits inside or projecting lines outside. Climbing has shaped his life as much as he has shaped the scene, driving his career choices and his holidays. After years as a teacher, he started his own bakery so he had more time to work climbing into his routine. He has climbed three times a week, almost every week since he first started. He is a lifetime climber.

And his bread’s not half bad either.