If you're looking for a fun and sociable way to get some exercise, then indoor climbing could do the trick. 

Ching and Rumbi from TCH Plymouth talk indoor climbing and making friends. (Filmed pre-coronavirus)


The beauty of indoor climbing is the fact that everybody can progress at their own pace. But some could take things to the next level and compete in the sport.

For Hangar ambassador, Shauna Coxsey, the story began at the age of four. Since then a couple decades of hard work have led to world titles and qualification for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Here's Shauna's story in her own words (filmed waaaaaaay before coronavirus):

Route setting

Part science, part work of art, the creation of new climbs is a life's work for many climbing enthusiasts. It isn't all about setting the toughest or craziest climb. It's about creating thrills and excitement at every climbing grade; helping climbers to progress but mostly just have fun.

In this video from The Women's Climbing Symposium, Hangar London route setter Jess Barrett talks about her journey from climbing into route setting.


Many of the most influential people behind the scenes of The Climbing Hangar are women. From route setters like Jess, to our coaches, crew and even our senior management team.

In our recent blog, Hangar Liverpool Assistant Manager Carly Halliwell shines a spotlight on the people in our team who identify as female. People who challenge stereotypes, inspire others and making The Hangar a better place to hang.

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Speaking out

Sometimes, the bravest thing a climber can do involves no fear of heights. It's all about the bravery to stand up and speak out against issues that need to be confronted.

That's what Caroline Treadway did in her revealing documentary LIGHT.

The film shines a light on the hidden world of eating disorders in professional rock climbing as the filmmaker follows two best friends on their harrowing journey in a courageous narrative that breaks the silence about the sport’s darkest secret.

Join a Hangar Women Rock climb

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Our HWR sessions are for all people who have lived experience of misogyny, however you identify.

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