What's Rock Club?

The Rock Club series offers progressive skills development for climbers aged 4 to 13 through a mix of formal coach-led sessions and coach-supervised socials.

All our Rock Clubs are based on the NIBAS syllabus structure to keep kids motivated, and small group sizes mean they get plenty of attention. We place as much emphasis on friendship and fun as we do on skills because climbing together leads to climbing better.

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Rock club mini

A group for 4-6 year olds. Lots of fun and games to build balance and flexibility as well as confidence. Only available in our larger walls. Prices from £7.

Junior rock club

A beginners' class for ages 7-13. Kids will progress from first steps to being competent and safe when climbing unsupervised. Prices from £9.50


Advanced rock club

Invite only sessions for 7-13 year olds who are progressing well and might consider trying out for Hangar Squad. Anyone wishing to join should book a Junior session and have a chat to your coach. Prices from £9.50.

Rock club social

Less formal sessions for 7-13 year olds who've climbed in one of the coached groups. You'll have a coach on hand but the freedom to explore and take on new personal challenges. Included in your entry price or membership.

Kids loving the wall? Share the fun!

We're always happy to host activity sessions for your junior climbers and their friends, whether you're celebrating something special or just giving them a treat. Plus with our onsite cafes you can make sure they go home happy, well fed and tired enough that you get to put your feet up!

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