Taking out membership

  • Just head to reception and let them know you want to become one of the family. Your first payment will be a pro rata payment based on the normal monthly subscription of £52.99 (subject to a £14 minimum charge).
  • At the time of signing up, you will be asked to provide credit or debit card details from which a recurring payment will be taken on the first of the month. Payments will continue to be taken until you cancel your membership or your card expires.

Cancelling membership

  • You can cancel at any time without penalty. We don't pay pro rata refunds so your membership services will continue until the end of the current billing cycle.
  • You'll need to use our cancellation form to ensure your membership is stopped. Just make sure your form is submitted before midday on the last day of the billing cycle so you're not be charged the next month's fee.
  • If your card expires or there are insufficient funds in your account we will attempt to take payment again within 48 hours and then every few days throughout the month. You'll receive an email letting you know if this is the case. If we've not been able to take payment from your card before you next visit The Hangar you can settle your outstanding dues at the front desk when you check in.
  • If we've not been able to take payment and you've not cancelled your membership before the end of the next billing cycle your monthly dues will roll over and you could be charged for two months' dues in one transaction.
  • We cannot issue refunds on dues owed because you forgot to cancel your membership, even if you've not visited The Hangar.

Future pricing

  • We reserve the right to change our membership pricing and introduce cancellation charges at a future date, but we will always let you know before we do so with enough notice for you to cancel your membership without additional charges