What to expect from TCH Matchworks extension 

At The Climbing Hangar Matchworks, we've always been committed to providing our climbing community with the best possible experience. We're thrilled to be able to now offer you even more climbing and training space thanks to our new extension! Read on to take a closer look at what this exciting expansion involves. 

More walls, more angles 

Hangar Matchworks may have been a little slab-heavy in the past… well no more, if you’re a lover of steep angles and overhangs, we’ve got some good news for you! 

The new extension has enabled us to re-visualise what wall angles are on offer. In short, think more steep angles, more corners, more aretes. This new space has a great variety of climbing styles to suit everyone at any ability (and the original slab walls are still there if that’s your preference). 

The new wall section will give you the opportunity to broaden your climbing experience: apply and practice more techniques like heel and toe hooking, try out more comp-style climbs, and just have more choice and variety in your session.  

Join one of our coaching sessions to get the most out of these new walls and elevate your climbing. 

Kilter Board 

Our crew are super excited about the addition of a Kilter board to our gym, and you should be too!  

The Kilter board is a modern take on the traditional training board that provides climbers with endless opportunities for skill development and progression. It features unique holds with an LED light system to light up their edges and an app to track your progress and share with others. 

Join a global community of climbers, access thousands of problems, set your own and elevate your climbing game. Our board will be set at a 50-degree angle, with almost 107,000 problems already set, come down and try it out! 

Don't worry if you're not used to board climbing, join our Board Social sessions to have a coach-led introduction with like-minded climbers. 

Training Area 

Training is an essential part of improving your climbing skills, and our new extension will include a dedicated training area to help you reach your goals.  

We’ve got specialised equipment such as hang boards, campus boards and more to help you work on your strength and endurance. 

New to training? Our crew and coaches will be on hand to offer advice, tips, and guidance to help you get the most out of your training sessions. We recommend looking into 1-1 coaching sessions to get tailored advice and session plans to suit your needs and goals. 


Climbing and fitness go hand in hand, and our new extension will feature a fully equipped gym. Including gym workouts in your training plan offers a more well-rounded approach to physical conditioning. 

With our new gym space, you will have a broader range of equipment and exercises that can target neglected areas, address muscle imbalances, enhance overall strength and physical fitness, and improve cardiovascular fitness. Incorporating exercises for core stability, flexibility, and general fitness, are essential for climbing performance and injury prevention. 

Our new gym includes a range of strength training equipment including benches, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbell and plates, squat rack, SkiErg, cable machines and boxes. Come down and try it for yourself. 


This expansion isn't just about adding more walls and equipment; it's about enhancing your overall climbing experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, we believe that you'll find something to love in this exciting development.  

We’re committed to helping you achieve your climbing goals and have fun while doing it! Best of all, all this shiny new stuff is included in your membership at no extra cost. Come down to The Hangar Liverpool Matchworks to test it out yourself. 

The Matchworks, The Climbing Hangar, Units 14 & 15, 40 Speke Rd, Liverpool L19 2RF 

Doors open Saturday 28 October at 9am.

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