It’s no fun cutting down on the cake, avoiding beer, spending money you don’t have on a gym you’ve never been inside.

So this year we’re encouraging everyone to drop the shoulds for the coulds and give bouldering a go.

Here are our seven super reasons why swapping gym class for climbing sessions is all about doing more.

  1. More fitness – honestly, bouldering works everything. Heart, strength, flexibility, coordination, even your thinking muscles get a workout. And you don’t need to worry that you’re not fit enough to start. Just get on the wall and you’ll pick up everything you need the more you do it.
  2. More climbing – this is the really sneaky thing. Climbing is hugely addictive. If you try and it love it you’ll find it hard to stay away. Which means more of all the rest of the good stuff too. Win win!
  3. More failing, that doesn’t even matter - failing is part of climbing. It’s what makes it challenging, keeps you coming back and brings people together. Learning to see failure as part of trying your best isn’t a bad life lesson either. It’ll make you feel vulnerable, exhilarated, and sometimes a little bit mad. Embrace it.
  4. More connection – how often do you burst into spontaneous applause when someone finishes their spin session in mega quick time? Or does that first 50kg deadlift?
  5. 5.More friendship – climbing is super intense in the moment. But recovery gives you plenty of time for chats. The mats are a place where problems (on and off the wall) are solved, people are thrown (off) together and a random high five can be the start of something beautiful. If you come with friends you’ll get to know each other better. If you come alone, it won’t take long for you to find your tribe.
  6. More play – Put grown adults on 9000 square feet of giant mattress and give them a bunch of coloured plastic to hold and the kid in them soon emerges. Climbing is a great way to escape the day to day. If play is about exploration, boundary pushing, clearing your mind and having fun, then the climbing wall is just a giant playground.
  7. More cake – climbers are fuelled by coffee and cake. And a decent beer at the end of a session. Or sometimes a cocktail when we’re celebrating something momentous. Fitness is a great side effect of climbing but there’s so much more to it; exercise is unlikely to be the sole reason you turn up to the wall.

At the Hangar we believe in just being a bit more you.

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So do whatever it is that keeps you having fun, and if that includes a little bit of indulgence then we wholeheartedly encourage that. The happy life is definitely the healthiest life.

We hope to see lots of new faces doing more with us at The Hangar during 2019. Checkout what we have happening in the first few months of the year in each of our venues: