With decades of combined experience, and millions of routes under their belts, Dan, Mike, and OJ bring a fresh perspective to the art of route setting. They specialise in "Hangar setting", which means a low barrier to entry and a high ceiling of accomplishment. It also means something epic, even at the beginner grades.

Let's hear from Dan and the lads in their own words:

DAN - director OF CLIMBING

How long have you been setting/climbing?
I’ve been route-setting for quite some time - around 20 years at this point. The setting industry has certainly changed quite a bit!
What do you love most about route setting?
Route setting is no longer just about putting plastic blobs on the wall to create problems - it’s about creating a journey and experience for the customer. I always want the customer to leave the centre feeling like they’ve experienced the very best that indoor climbing can offer. 
What are you most excited about being in Scotland?
I’ve always been fascinated by the Scottish scene. A couple of my hero climbers are from there, so finally getting involved in the scene up there is proper exciting. I’m as excited about starting a Hangar for the Scottish folk as I am about getting out on the blocs up there with some locals. Plus, deep fried Mars Bars - sounds like a match made in heaven for TCH.

OJ - regional route-setter

How long have you been setting/climbing?

I have been route setting for 8 and a half years and have been climbing for 11 and a half.

What do you love most about route setting?

What I love about route setting is that no other artistic job allows people to interact with your artwork quite like it. For example, music or paintings can generate an emotional response from the viewer/listener. Boulders, however, not only generate emotional responses but they allow the climber to interact with them physically and mentally which provides a truly unique experience.

What are you most excited about being in Scotland?

I have never been to Scotland before so having another country to tick off my list is always exciting. But of course, all the usual stuff; breathtaking views, stunning outdoor climbing, and most of all... deep fried mars bars!

MIKE - regional route-setter

How long have you been setting/climbing?
I set my first bloc around 15 years ago and have been climbing for 17 years. Hadn't really put a number on that until now, that's flown by!
What do you love most about route setting?
I love the freedom to be creative and bring my ideas to life on the wall whilst working alongside highly motivated and like-minded people. Having a shared passion with my team in creating the best experience we can ensures that we're constantly pushing ourselves to keep up with the industry and maybe even push it forward. Seeing people enjoy your work feels just as rewarding now as it did 15 years ago.
What are you most excited about being in Scotland?
I'd love to check out some of the crags up there, The Anvil & Dumbarton spring immediately to mind. Outside of that it's always cool meeting new people in different scenes. I'm not so keen about the deep fried Mars Bars as my esteemed collagues.

Our newest wall is beginning to look a lot like a Hangar, after a lick of trademark Hangar pink paint.

Designed by Hangar Director of Climbing, Dan Knight and manufactured by the wizards at Renegade Climbing, our newest wall is another refinement of our bouldering wall template, with a variety of crazy angles for every type of climbing: steep to slabby.

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