The essentials:

  • Layers. All of them. Think vest, at least one t-shirt, and a jumper. Long johns and thermals are always a good idea if the temperature really drops or the wind picks up.
  • Insulated jacket. Down or synthetic, your insulated jacket will become your best friend during those mid-project rests.
  • Gloves or mitts. There’s nothing worse than cold hands, especially when you need them to hold on to some microscopic edges.
  • Warm socks. Tight climbing shoes and cold weather equals numb toes. Make are you’ve got some socks to keep your tootsies toasty.
  • A flask of hot drink. Immediate warmth in a cup.
  • Some extra food. Climbing in the cold makes you hungry and calories don’t count in the winter, right?

The extras:

  • Towel. Climbing on wet rock can damage the rock significantly, and when the rock is dry but the ground is a little bit damp (thank you UK weather), it’s easy to get wet shoes on your climb. Bringing a small towel means you can dry your shoes properly before you step on to the rock.
  • Thera band. Warming up in the winter can be hard, especially if you go somewhere where the easiest climbs aren’t so far below your capabilities. A Thera band is a staple of a non-climbing warm up, and takes up no space in your bag.
  • Portable fingerboard. See above. No pulley injuries here!
  • Headtorch. With winter’s short days, you might need a light for when the darkness creeps in.

Staff favourites:

  • Tess is a champion of the 80s favourites; the leg warmers. Who wants cold ankles between your shoes and your leggings?
  • Head setter Mike makes sure he has a lamp with him to illuminate the crag and keep climbing well into the evening.
  • CEO Hangar Head Honcho Ged Mac makes sure he brings a hot water bottle and a flask of hot water, to really fend off the chill.
  • Mike MK always has baccy to warm his hands (but maybe think of the health benefits before you pack that one...).

And don’t forget, if you don’t have your own crash pads, you can hire them at the Hangar for just £10 a day.

Get out!

For those with some experience of outside wanting to take advantage of the winter conditions, The Hangar Winter Days Out will be aimed at people seeking to improve their grades and explore some of the amazing climbing locations near our walls.

Days out are free - we just meet at The Hangar or the crag and get going. Pads, guide books, lifts and psyche are a communal effort.

Follow your local Hangar Facebook for Days Out details.


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