Off-Peak Membership: How does it work?

Our Off-Peak Membership costs a bunch less than a regular one (prices below), and you can still climb as many times as you like in that time, but only until 5pm (or 4pm in London).

Swansea Off-Peak Membership: £10.50

Liverpool, Plymouth Off-Peak Membership: £14.49

London Off-Peak Membership: £35

Existing members, all you have to do to switch to Off-Peak is book your return climb for TCH via our website. Next, when you check in, you can choose to activate a full price membership or choose to switch to off-peak for April, May and June. Simply ask a member of the crew and they will sort you out.

Not a member? Not a problem. You can sign up for the Off-Peak Membership too, by speaking to a member of the crew during your visit.

You won’t only save cash, you’ll also help us to reduce peak time foot fall while we are working with reduced building capacities due to Covid-19.

Terms and Conditions

  • Existing membership credit will be applied to this payment when you reactivate your membership
  • Refunds of credit can be made in centre only
  • Month 1 fees are calculated on a pro rata basis, so if you don’t reactivate your account until the end of April, you will pay a reduced amount
  • Off Peak Membership holders will need to pay normal PAYG prices to climb at peak times
  • Off-Peak Membership holders must exit TCH by 5pm (or 4pm in London)
  • When the Off-Peak Membership expires at the end of June, you won’t be moved to the full price membership
  • To reactivate your full price membership, you will need to do so via our customer services desk on site
  • You can switch to, or from, off-peak membership between April and June, but the change will only occur from the next billing window (the 1st day of every month)


It's time to get back on the wall, but as we are working with a limited building capacity due to covid-19, 100% of visits must be booked in advance.

Hit the link below to get your spot.

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