COVID-19 Customer Info

What are The Climbing Hangar opening hours?

Our opening times differ by day, and by climbing gym around the UK. You can find the opening times of your nearest gym in the “locations” section of our site.

Are you limiting the number of climbers allowed on site?

Yes. It is necessary to alter the safe capacity of our centre in order to maintain safe social distance as outlined by government guidance on coronavirus.

Will I need to book my visit to The Climbing Hangar in advance?

All visits to The Climbing Hangar MUST be booked in advance using our online booking process. Monthly members can do this free of charge, and Pay As You Go visitors will pay for their booking online. They can also cancel their booking, if circumstances change, and receive a full refund.

How long can I stay at the climbing wall during my visit?

We ask that visitors at peak times (weekends and weekdays 3-9pm) stay at the site for a maximum of 2 hours. Visitors to the site at other times during the day are welcome to stay for 3 hours. So, if you can visit us earlier on a weekday you’ll benefit from even more time on the wall.

How do I check in to The Climbing Hangar?

When you arrive at The Climbing Hangar, you may be required to briefly queue outside, as we check people into the building. Once you are able to enter, all visitors must sanitise their hands and then check in, either via a member or the crew at the check in desk, or via the contactless membership card scanner.

Will I have to queue to get in?

Depending on the occupancy of the site when you arrive, you may be required to briefly queue outside the building, though this is unlikely. It is to ensure that we can check every visitor into the site cleanly and safely, but hasn't yet proven to be an issue.

Are the changing facilities available?

Yes, but a maximum of two people will be permitted to the changing rooms at any time, meaning you will likely have to queue to use the area. We recommend that ALL visitors arrive at the site in the clothes that they intend to climb in and limit the number of personal belongings they bring to site.

Will the lockers be available?

Lockers will be available so that visitors can store their shoes and bags. We request that all visitors arrive in the clothes they wish to climb in and limit the number of personal belongings they are bringing to site. This will make the check-in and check-out process as streamlined as possible and limit the activity within the lobby and shared areas of the site.

Will the showers be available?

Showers will NOT be available when we reopen. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Will free rental climbing shoes be available?

Yes. Climbing shoes are available to rent. All climbing shoes are cleaned with anti-viral disinfectant spray before and after every use. If you’d feel more comfortable climbing in your very own shoes, we offer a wide range of options for sale in our retail area.

Are climbing classes and kids’ clubs running?

We are currently reinstating classes with reduced capacities and various COVID-19 safe considerations in place. Visit the location page for your nearest venue and scroll down to the calendar to see which classes are available.

What will happen to membership payments?

When we reopen, all membership payments will be unfrozen, but each member account will be credited for the value of each day the site was forced into closure.

Can I still bring my dog?

As yet, no - dogs cannot currently hang at the hangar. We hope to have our #hangarhounds back soon.

Can I cancel my membership?

You do not need to cancel your membership, as you won’t pay a penny until you return to climbing at the site. All membership payments will remain frozen forever, until a member is ready to return to the site. This excludes members who kindly opted in to continue their payments during our enforced site closures.

If you wish to cancel your membership, simply the relevant link provided below:






Is one-to-one coaching available?

One to one coaching is currently on hold as we operate at a reduced capacity and come to terms with our new procedures. Coaching will be available again soon.

Will you offer support to vulnerable customers?

Yes. We are introducing safety measure to support vulnerable climbers. Please contact your local centre for further information.

Climbing and coronavirus FAQ’s

How will you keep The Climbing Hangar clean?

All sites are deep cleaned by the crew every single night, and all shared areas will be cleaned throughout the day, using industrial disinfectant sprays.

While it is impossible to keep any environment 100% clean and sterile, we have introduced increased hygiene and safety measures, to limit the transmission of COVID-19.

We also require all visitors to sanitise their hands upon arrival, maintain social distance and avoid touching their face while on site.

Can physical exercise help to prevent COVID-19?

By keeping your body in a physically fit state, you boost your immune system and reduce the risk of a range of illnesses. COVID-19 is particularly impactful when a person has an underlying health condition, such as diabetes. The same is true if an individual is overweight.

Are climbing gyms higher risk than other enclosed spaces?

No. There is the same chance of catching COVID-19 in all indoor spaces.

The key to making an indoor space as safe as possible is to maintain social distances, follow cleaning and hygiene guidance and require all staff and visitors to sanitise upon entry and throughout their visit. We also require visitors to wear face masks at all times, unless actively climbing, or exempt.

Can I catch COVID-19 from the air?

COVID-19 survives in droplets of moisture and fine particles within the air. By enforcing social distancing protocols we can greatly reduce the risk of airbound contamination. We also require visitors to wear face masks at all times, unless actively climbing, or exempt.

All of our centres are properly ventilated to further aid the dispersion of particulates.

Should I wear a mask?

Yes. You are required to wear a mask at The Climbing Hangar whilst in all shared spaces on site. But masks may be removed specifically during physical exercise.

Should I wear gloves?

Frequently washing bare hands, and avoiding the urge to touch one's face, are far more effective than wearing gloves in a shared area, and gloves cannot be worn to climb.

How can I reduce the spread of infection during my visit to the climbing gym?

First things first, if you believe you have any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a cough, a shortness of breath or a fever, we insist that you remain home and avoid the gym. The same is true if you believe you have been in contact with another party who may have contracted the virus.

Once at the site, we ask that ALL visitors use hand sanitiser upon entry and follow social distancing guidelines, at all times. If you need to cough or sneeze, then do so into your elbow to catch droplets there, rather than upon your hands. Face masks must be worn at all times unless you are actively climbing or exempt.

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