Bouldering is a hugely accessible sport but it can feel a bit intimidating when you turn up at the wall for the first time. Here are our top five tips on gaining the confidence to give it a go.

  • You're not the only newbie. Around 50% of our new customers have never climbed before and they come in all ages, shapes and sizes. 
  • You don't need upper body strength. Your legs do most of the work during your early climbs, and you'll develop the strength you need as you practice
  • Everyone's facing the same challenges, whatever their level. Balance, height, strength, flexibility and downright fear are just part of the experience
  • It's not all about training for climbing outside. Over 50% of our climbers have never climbed outside. So there's no pressure. Indoor climbing is an activity in its own right.
  • Everyone's been where you are - and they're all on your side. The competition in bouldering is with yourself and no one wants to see you fail
  • It's always better together. Bring a mate, chat to people, seek help from the crew. There's a reason bouldering is one of the most sociable sports; you'll progress faster with friends

Here at the Hangar we absolutely love meeting new people and introducing them to bouldering, and we'll do everything we can to make you feel welcome. Get yourself booked onto an induction session at your local wall and we promise you'll feel right at home.

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