What is the Summer Bouldering Series 2019?

SBS 2019 is our summer climbing competition. There are three rounds of action, set over the three months of summer, with 25 climbing problems in each round.

Each round lasts for 9 days and the male and female winners of each round will get a prize, while the overall winners will take home the SBS trophy.

But we’re also offering prizes on the opening night of each round for 3 additional climbing challenges: a dyno challenge, a hang-time challenge and a world cup style climbing problem.

Score cards are just £3 (plus your standard entry) and all you have to do to take part is sign up via your local Hangar link.

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How does it work?

It’s simple. You purchase your scorecard for your chosen Hangar, and when the competition goes live, you’ll have access to a digital scorecard online.

Complete one of our 25 problems, and you’ll be able to hit “Top” on your scorecard and select the number of attempts that you took to complete the problem.

Scores are totalled in real time and displayed live in-centre. At the end of every round, we’ll have prizes for the highest scoring climbers, plus a trophy for the overall winner after Round 3.

Better yet, every Round is launched with a party night and a bunch of additional prizes will be up for grabs in three extra-special, one-night-only climbing challenges. We’ll give out prizes on the night to the male and female victors of each challenge.

Please make sure you sign up in advance if you plan to come to the Party night so we can manage the crowds, your climbing experience and food supplies!

They everybody has a further 8 days to complete the 25 competition blocs.

Can anybody enter the competition?

There are 3 categories to the SBS. We call them Pro, Am and Youth.

Basically, if you’re regularly climbing red (V4) problems and above, you’re ready to enter our Pro tournament and give it your best shot.

But if you’re climbing green (V0) to purple (V3), you can still participate in our Am competition. You’ll climb the same problems as the Pro competitors, but you’ll go head to head with climbers at a similar level. This is as excellent way to feel the excitement of competitive climbing, and also stand a chance of winning a prize, without being a life-long climber.

Climbers under the age of 14 can enter the Youth division of the SBS, where prizes will be up for grabs too.

That’s the great thing about our comp. There’ll be a challenge for hardcore climbers, but even newcomers to the sport will be able to get their hands on some of the best and most exciting climbing holds in the game.

When does the SBS take place?

Round 1: 07.06.19 – 16.03.19 (Scorecards must be submitted by close of play on 16th June)

Round 2: 05.07.19 – 15.07.19 (Scorecards must be submitted by close of play on 14th July)

Round 3: 09.08.19 – 18.08.19 (Scorecards must be submitted by close of play on 18th August)

What happens next?

Follow the link for your local Hangar below, to book your place at our opening night event and purchase your scorecard for the round.

TCH Liverpool             ENTER THE COMP

TCH London                ENTER THE COMP

TCH Plymouth             ENTER THE COMP

TCH Swansea              ENTER THE COMP

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