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Our venues in Liverpool, London, and Plymouth reopened on Monday 12 April with a brand new set of climbs and a warm Hangar welcome. Hangar Swansea will reopen on Monday 3 May in line with government guidance.

But just like before, we are working with a reduced building capacity due to government guidelines on covid-19 and 100% of visits must be booked in advance.


Off-Peak Pricing

In an effort to make The Hangar even more affordable, we’re offering a reduced price, Off-Peak Membership for a limited time only.

You won’t only save cash, you’ll also help us to reduce peak time foot fall while we are working with reduced building capacities due to Covid-19.


COVID-19 and Hygiene

Your safety, and the safety of our crew, has always been the most important part of everything we do. That’s why we must continue to ask that you follow these three simple rules:

  • Please sanitise your hands upon entry, and frequently during your visit
  • Please wear a mask during your visit, unless actively climbing
  • Please maintain social distance on the mats and on the wall

Before your visit

There are certain considerations you should make before visiting The Climbing Hangar.


In order to manage our building capacity, ALL VISITS MUST be booked in advance, via our website or via the RGP app.

Off peak climbers can also stay for longer: all off-peak sessions can last up to 3 hours, while peak time climbs are limited to 2 hours. That’s 50% more time to have fun and crack a project.

It pays to climb during the day.


If you choose to come along off peak (up to 3:00pm on a weekday), you are welcome to climb and hang out with us for up to 3 hours.

From 5:00pm on weekdays and all weekend, sessions must last for no longer than 2 hours.

Regardless of timing, social distancing rules apply.


We need to limit the number of items you bring to the site, and require all visitors to come dressed in the clothes they intend to climb in.


If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath, please remain home. You can cancel your booking for free at any time.

During your visit


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, certain facilities will not be available during your visit. You will not be permitted to use the showers and we cannot refill your water bottles in the cafe.

A maximum of two people will be permitted in changing rooms at any time and all belongings must be kept inside your bag, including any drinks.

The Climbing Hangar café will run a limited food and beverage service in the short term and WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT CASHLESS PAYMENTS. You will still be able to enjoy a selection of hot and cold beverages or cakes, but in the immediate weeks following reopening we will only offer takeaway options, rather than internal food service.

In addition, please be aware that no dogs will be allowed in any of the Hangar buildings - we hope to see our furry friends again soon, however.


There'll be some changes to your climbing experience too, with a one-way system to get around the mats, whilst maintaining social distance.

Classes and groups

Our popular Rock Club kids classes are back at our England based venues and you can book your child's next visit right here:

Book a kids class

Classes will not return to Hangar Swansea for a couple of week's but we'll be around to inform you when they return.

We continue to enforce a strict ratio of supervision (one adult per every two children). But as we have stated we are operating at a limited capacity, and every visitor that comes along to spectate will be taking a spot from a potential climber. So please be reasonable, and considerate of your Hangar community.

Unfortunately, adult classes will not be provided from day one, but stay tuned for more information. We'll let you know when our full coaching services will return.

So what's next?


Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for further updates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


and finally... a message from DK

Words of wisdom from Dan Knight, our Director of Climbing: It’s been a long time since we’ve had the chance to grapple with some plastic blobs on the wall and I’m sure everyone can’t wait to throw themselves around the gym with their friends. But just remember to go easy on yourself.

From experience, if you have been sidelined for a bit, the comeback can take a little longer than planned. Give yourself the right level of expectations coming back to the game. Don’t beat yourself up if the climbs you were smashing pre-lockdown suddenly feel a little harder. It won’t take long to get back to greatness - just take your time to get there and enjoy the journey without breaking yourself in the process.

As always we will be setting new blocs every week. Expect some exciting stuff this 2021


We're working around the clock to make the Hangar as safe as possible without losing any of the fun, excitement and camaraderie that visitors have come to expect.

Booking is now available for Liverpool Matchworks, London, Swansea and Plymouth.