Due to her ASD, dyslexia and sensory processing difficulties, Rowan struggled with school. In the mornings, she was frequently found high up in one of the trees in her garden; resisting going to school. Three years ago, Rowans’s parents took her out of education, and after that, she became mostly house bound. Jonathan became her primary carer, which lead to the reoccurrence of bouts of depression and exhaustion.

When The Climbing Hangar Plymouth opened, it had been a long time since Rowan had engaged in any activities outside of her own house. Inspired by her jaunts up the garden trees, they decided to give it a go. From struggling to ever leave the house, she now finds it hard to ever leave The Hangar.

Climbing has made a huge difference to both of their lives. For the first time in years, Rowan trusted someone as a teacher, and started having coaching sessions with Selena; building her confidence, her technique, and her strength. Rowan is now a member of The Hangar Squad, working and competing alongside other crushers, and making friends in the process. She has dealt with what would have previously been stressful situations and grown in confidence. And in bringing Rowan along, Jonathan discovered a passion for the sport too. He now climbs alongside Rowan, often 4 times a week.

Rowan’s first foray into climbing was to avoid the world outside her house, but it just so happens to have given her and her dad their second home.

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