The Climbing Hangar, a rebellious sports activity related business with multiple sites throughout the UK requires an experienced PA who can lead the management of the HR Administration of the business and grow with the business filling in on office management skills as required. HR Admin and organisational skills are essential, as is culture fit.

This is not a typical company and the incomer will be required to build systems out in fast paced environment with a high degree of autonomy and self-direction.

You will be passionate, engaged, assertive and people focused, you know the valuer of driving results through meaningful and flexible relationships based on trust and respect and you never go through the motions. You come to work to deliver excellence and want to make a difference in a business with a social mission.

The client is searching for someone who can deliver watertight HR and PA services with a contemporary edge – no box tickers need apply.   You know the need for immaculate compliance on all HR issues and can design human centric systems for doing so. The company is on course to triple in size to 300 crew by 2023 so there is huge scope to grow with the company into specialising in HR or as a PA.

You will work within the Liverpool city centre head office and be the right hand of the CEO and CFO. Both friendly, informal and supportive but with very high expectations.  Email and diary management, bookings, small research projects, writing documents, ad hoc support and being a lively part of the team are essential duties.

Reason for the role:
The CEO has had an ongoing need for some part time PA support, which until recently was provided by an external PA service.  However, recently, an external HR Consultant has carried out a full audit of practice across the business and has made a recommendation to bring in a part time HR Administrator, hence the decision to recruit a person to hold a combined role of PA & HR Admin.


This role will involve a combination of PA, HR Admin & some Office Managerial duties.

PA aspects of the role:

Key areas of support are around...

Calendar – day to day management of the CEO calendar and some travel arrangements

Emails – prioritise the emails that the CEO needs to deal with personally; delegate those that can be given to other members of the team to answer and over time learn the relationships involved so you can handle an increasing portion of the email replies on the CEO’s behalf.

Meetings – Minute taking, action point emails, attend in the CEO/CFO’s absence and relay key feedback on their behalf, make a note of key actions/owners etc

Projects – Assist the CEO/CFO in development of specific projects, by undertaking small research projects in order to assist the development of said projects.

Ad hoc general office/company support tasks – Pick up ad hoc tasks which currently may not sit within any specific employees role, in an office managerial style capacity.

You will work closely with, and in support of the CEO/Founder, as well as providing extra support to the CFO.  Occasional travel involved with the CEO/CFO.

You will ideally be in the office in advance of the CEO, managing the emails, and formulating a plan for the day ahead ready.

  • To provide a high quality secretarial & organisational support service
  • To become fully immersed in the role of the CEO, in order to be able to assist him in execution of his role
  • To establish a strong working relationship with the CEO to enable you to help manage his time, ensuring he is prompted to work to varying deadlines
  • To proactively simplify the CEOs role, minimising his workload, assisting with organising his time
  • To prioritise for, and help to organise and carefully manage the CEOs day/week/month to ensure maximum efficiency of his time, in line with various business demands
  • To plan ahead, and pre-empt where the CEO may need information (in order to gather it on his behalf), or to have something booked/arranged
  • To be able to support the CEO regardless of his location, as he travels throughout the UK
  • To alleviate the workload of the CEO by carrying out a number of tasks on his behalf
  • To effectively manage the CEOs diary, prioritising meetings/calls accordingly
  • To respond to emails & calls in place of the CEO where appropriate, to minimise his workload
  • To prepare suggested email responses for the CEO, ready for his review & send
  • To carefully select what you may deal with/manage yourself, and what must be communicated to the CEO or needs the CEOs attention
  • To communicate with various stakeholders across the business on behalf of the CEO, maintaining good communication pathways, summarising in order to keep him abreast of developments
  • To be able to summarise detailed inward communications, sharing just the salient points with the CEO
  • Providing high quality & professional hospitality to visitors, stakeholders & clients
  • Providing support for a range of meetings, preparing agendas, booking meeting rooms/venues, pre-meeting briefings & meeting papers, noting action points & following them up where required
  • Word processing correspondence & reports to collate & prepare presentations for Board meeting ensuring they are circulated accurately & in a timely manner

HR Admin aspects of the role:

The aim is initially to address the key action points raised through the recent HR audit in order to get the right processes in place across all sites and also to continue to manage the HR admin across the business moving forward, to ensure the processes and procedures are maintained. This is likely to be with the support of the external HR Consultant.

The key primary tasks on the HR side of the role are matters such as:

  • Establishing a new starter process
  • Ensuring that offer letter and contracts of employment are used consistently
  • Carrying out ‘Right to Work’ checks
  • Establishing a solid staff holiday management system
  • Pro-actively managing site General Managers to provide the documentation required in a timely and accurate fashion

As there are numerous sites across the UK, your role will be to assist with helping Managers of all sites to work consistently with regards to Right to Work checks, to ensure they are gathering this information in a timely and compliant manner, you will also assist with arranging interviews as an when each site needs to recruit, notifying candidates of outcomes after interview etc.

The person:

We are looking for a person with PA experience AND HR admin experience, you must be skilled and experience in both areas.

You will be able to demonstrate:

  • The confidence to direct and otherwise busy CEO with multiple pulls on his time, and bring his attention back to matters in hand and maintain overall control in a supportive capacity, to ensure deadlines are met and necessary activities carried out
  • Strength and resilience, able to manage a varying and demanding workload
  • The ability to make life easier for the CEO as a result of effective management of matters on his behalf
  • Experience in management of HR administration, including establishing a new starter process, implementing offer letters, contracts of employment, establishment and management of staff holiday management system
  • You will be efficiency focused
  • You will ideally have an interest in health/fitness, and/or sporting related activities (desirable)
  • Highly capable
  • Intuitive
  • Exceptional organisation skills
  • Ability to effectively prioritise tasks
  • Strength of character
  • Strong multi-tasker
  • Can manage a wide and diverse variety of duties, in relation to a number of sites across the UK

The company:

The company ethos is simplicity over complexity, the organisation takes a minimalist approach, focusing on using the least amount to deliver the biggest impact, therefore they seek an efficiency focu BUT with a human touch.

An informal and non-hierarchical approach where possible, anyone from CEO to CFO will go to the Post Office and make the coffee.

Progression opportunities:

The company has approx. 100 employees across the UK and by 2023, should be closer to 300 employees.

There will be progression opportunities as the company is set to grow significantly and there is likely to be, over time the option to either move more into the HR side of the business and perhaps become Head of HR, or to focus on the PA side, perhaps becoming an Executive Assistant.


The salary range on offer is likely to be from £22,000 to £28,000 but will be dependent on skills and suitability to the role

There are a number of staff perks, such as no dress code (except for some formal occasions), flexi time, generous holidays (30 days holiday), flexible working hours, free climbing, Wednesday HQ gym sessions, a good laugh every day and the odd social and open to new ideas.


Send your CV to [email protected]

This could be the first step on an exciting new foray into the world of going upwards.

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