When members decide they are able to return, we will deduct the value of the number of days we were closed in January from the next membership bill due. That means you won’t have to pay for the days that the venue was closed in the recent billing window.

It also means that when we reopen, your account will remain frozen until you personally return to the wall and reactivate it.

The leisure industry remains under threat due to the closures caused by the spread of Covid-19. That’s why we’re, once again, reluctantly asking for your support at this difficult time.

Members can opt-in to unfreeze their membership and pay monthly dues during this closure, as a way of supporting The Climbing Hangar community. This is entirely discretionary. We understand that many of our members will not be able to continue their membership payments during our closure.

Reinstate your membership payment by choosing the venue below:

Hangar Liverpool Matchworks

Hangar Liverpool Sandhills

Hangar Plymouth