Gift Ideas for climbers

Christmas is just around the corner and the last-minute present-shopping panic is well and truly here! If you’ve got a climber in your life and have no clue what they want for Christmas, don’t stress. We’ve pulled together a list of present ideas at varying price options that every climber is guaranteed to love.

All the items listed below are available in the retail area of every Hangar across the UK. Find your nearest centre.

Cheap gifts for climbers

Hand cream & tape

The no.1 injury climbers regularly face is a variety of cuts and calluses across their hands. A little gift set of Rhino Skin Performance hand cream and some climber’s tape would make for a super simple but thoughtful gift.

Boot bananas

It’s common for climbers to not wear socks with their climbing shoes, inevitability this can lead to an unpleasant odour build-up in the shoes. Therefore, Boot bananas are perfect for the regular climber! These accessories simply slip into your climbing shoes after a session to keep bad odours at bay and leave your shoes smelling fresh. At only £15 a pair, they’d make a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift (although be careful not to insult your friends!).

Affordable gifts for climbers

Chalk bag

A chalk bag is a great option to gift to a climber as there are many different options. You could opt for a big chalk bucket or a smaller chalk bag with a waist strap. Either way there is such a wide range of designs and patterns you can get something that helps communicate their style and personality. Popular chalk bags at the Hangar include stylish & colourful Organic Selection, or whacky & playful 8b+ monsters.


A brush is an essential tool in any climber’s kit, they also present a great gift opportunity. A nice, high-quality brush is something a climber may not buy for themselves but would love to receive as a gift. We love the Davey Boy brush from Silly Goat.

Cool Apparel

You can never go wrong with a stylish T-shirt or jumper that helps someone show off their amazing community. We may be biased, yes, but Hangar apparel not only looks great both on and off the wall but is also made with ethically sourced materials, water-based paint, and slavery-free manufacture. Available in every Hangar now, take a look at the range here.

Higher-end gifts for climbers

Climbing pants

Regular sports leggings and trackies can quickly wear out on the wall. A few scrapes of the knee, a tumble on the mats, or a wide stretch to reach a foothold is pretty much inevitable when climbing. That’s why climbing trousers would make an excellent gift for the climber in your life. These trousers are specifically designed to be stretchy and durable to face life on the wall. Our personal favourites would be the credo/notion pants from Black diamond as they’re also manufactured to high eco standards.

Climbing shoes

This one would take a bit of sleuthing! Most climbers are pretty dedicated to a certain shoe brand (Scarpa, Evolv, FiveTen, Unparallel.) and your everyday shoe size doesn’t directly translate to climbing shoe size… beginners tend to size up, hardcore climbers might size down significantly. Climbing shoes can be a great gift, but unless you know the gift recipient well and know exactly what shoes they like, proceed with extreme caution!

Currently, you can get a free bottle of Rhino Skin hand cream with any advanced shoe purchase worth over £100 at all Hangars.

Boulder mat

A boulder mat is probably the priciest option on our gift list but one that would be greatly received. If your giftee is an avid climber outdoors or has expressed an interest in outdoor bouldering, they will never be able to own enough boulder mats! We would recommend the Black Diamond circuit pad, big enough as a standalone pad but also not too big if it’s a second pad.

Cover all basis and give them the choice

If the above list is still leaving you puzzled, give them the gift of their choosing! A Hangar gift card is an ideal present option for everyone… whether they’ve never climbed before but have expressed an interest or have been climbing for 20+ years.

The best part? You can choose how much they have to spend and get it emailed to you instantly (we’re looking at you, last-minute Christmas Eve shoppers)! Buy a Hangar gift card now.