Bouldering Glossary: A whole new language

New to the world of climbing? No problem. Here’s an explanation of some of the terms you might hear climbers throwing around the centre...

Problem: A climb

Hold: Thing you grab or stand on

Send: This is another term for completing a climb. It can also be used as a term of encouragement “send it!”

Flash: To climb first go

Project: A particular boulder problem that involves several visits to break it down for completion

Circuit: All of the problems (climbs) is a given colour or difficulty

Grades: Mostly used in outdoor climbing/ bouldering, problems (climbs) are given a grade to indicate their difficulty. There are two main grading systems - 'Font' mostly used in Europe, and 'V' mostly used across the US.

Zone: A designated area that gets reset as part of our setting cycle

Beta: The specific sequence or style of movement used to solve a problem or part of a problem

Spray (Beta): A beta sprayer is someone who shouts out information on how to complete a boulder problem without being asked

Crux: The hardest move on a route or bloc

Spot: This is the method of making sure the climber lands safely and not on their head! (Only needed in outdoor bouldering)

Moaners: Short people

Cheaters: Tall people

Sandbagging: Claiming a route is easier than it is

Terms for a movement

Dyno: An upwards jump

Pop: A mini jump or very fast hand movement

Static: To make progress with the body remaining still

Compression: to squeeze the feature - like hugging a fridge

Crimp: To hold on with the fingertips

Campus: Climbing without using your feet

Match: To put two points of contact hand/hand or hand/foot or foot/foot on the same hold

Flag: To take one leg off and hang it underneath you like a monkey uses its tail for balance

Bridge: Like climbing an alleyway between two houses - your legs bridge from one side to another

Toe/heel hook: The heel hook position gives your leg a more direct pulling motion

Press: To push the hold away or down from you

Sit start: Start sitting down

Gaston: A kind of grip which involves pushing a hold instead of pulling.

Top Out: When you get to the top of a route or boulder problem.