Card machine broken till July 23

Just a notice – our card machine has broken, so old fashioned cash is king for a day. New machine delivered tomorrow before we open - thanks for your patience :)

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Can you feel the drama?

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Weekend newsflash!


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BOSS round 2

Round 2 of the BOSS Climbing Competition returns this Saturday to feed you, beer you and entertain you!  

Full details here

Summer climbing, music, beer and BBQ!

Summer climbing, music, beer and BBQ!

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Pretty in Pink

New V3-V5 Circuit goes up in Pink: More climbing for more people in the coolest colour!

Pink indoor climbing

Pink indoor climbing


Traditionally we reserved the pinks for competitions or the hard circuit.  Then in a Eureka moment we saw, dang, these are our coolest holds, more people must pull on these shapes! Boom! A pink circuit got made in our main stomping ground, V3-5.

We are putting it up as we go round, we’ve done all downstairs and the speedboat.  5 more weeks till completion. Tell us what you think!

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New Climbing!

New problems set today!  Well, newish, existing holds in a new order, like music notes rearranged into a new tune – so basically totally original, never seen before. 

sort of...

sort of…

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The Results you’ve all been waiting for!

Boss R1 2014

The results from this weekends B.O.S.S competition are now up!

Check them out here…



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BOSS Vid Hot pants auction

Short Short worshippers unite! The Climbing Hangar is selling its most precious asset for a good cause!

THE Hot Pants from THE film...

THE Hot Pants from THE film…

The Hot pants worn by Sam, Adam in Ged in what was possible the hottest climbing competition promo ever

(watch that here) are up for auction in order to support Climbers Against Cancer.

What you need to know:

The hotpants are unwashed

The hotpants are signed

We accept cash, gold or precious jewels

One day these will be worth £0000′s….


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Evolv Prizes for Saturdays Competition

Evolv PrizesFree stuff for you – if you are in the crowd on Saturday…

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BOSS Schedule of Properly organsied fun

The full breakdown, moment by moment, here.

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