Student and fresher ACTION

Students and Freshers, meet others, get fed, do some climbing and chat over a beer at The Climbing Hangar, Liverpool’s most social climbing hangout. 

Come to our student night!

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Student bouldering deals

Student indoor climbing deals launch today, 1mth and 3mth passes are £35 and £80 respectively, so that’s mega cheap for loads of  rock climbing.

Student night to be announced this week so stay tuned as there will be a beer prize for the uni that brings the most members!


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Cleaners needed!

The Hangar has vacancies for 4, 2hour morning cleaning shifts, Ideally we are looking for two lovely people (so you can swap shifts/cover each other if required) to whizz around with a vacuum and do a spot of mopping/wiping and keep us looking shiny (or less chalky). You get free climbing as a bonus too. Interested? Email with a cover letter and two references. Ta.

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Women’s Climbing Symposium Competition

The greatest climbing event for women on Planet Earth is the Women’s Climbing Symposium and you can get free/reduced tickets and win a coaching session with Shauna.

WCS poster

Why? Because you come to The Climbing Hangar and making sure everyone gets the most out of their climbing is our mission.  All you have to do to win is this:

Make a 30sec or less video with the opening line ‘I climb because……..’

Share it on the Hangar Facebook and boom you’ve entered.

The prizes are like this, first 2: free, next 2: half price, next 8: a 2hr coaching session with World #2 and local heroine, Shauna Coxsey.  All 12 people will get a session with Shauna so loads of winners!!

Winning never was so easy!

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Competing: The basics

The final round of BOSS is Saturday, roving reporter, Pamela Coughlan has been tasked with trying to compete ‘like a proper competitor’ for her next article. How do I do that she asked? So the team gave her their top five tips. Thought you might to read them too? Top 5 Tips

Use your brain to multiply your brawn!

Use your brain to multiply your brawn!

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Compete differently…

Climbing Hangar Journalist Pamela Coughlan reviews her second climbing competition

in an effort to understand if comps can really not be a comp and a comp at the same time. I think. Read on!

Hangar Journalist

Hangar Journalist Pamela

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BOSS Final round on Saturday

For the lowdown on the hottest thing in Liverpool this Saturday at 2pm

The Perfect Saturday; beer, climbing, BBQ & music.

The Perfect Saturday; beer, climbing, BBQ & music.

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BOSS Final round

The Greatest Liverpool Climbing Competition on Earth! Needless capitals but not enough drama for this indoor climbing spectacular.

Fun doesn’t do it justice to be fair, it’s more than that, we climb together, maybe get free stuff, then eat together and have a beer together.

If you’ve not tried one before, new climber Pamela Coughlan wrote an article about her first BOSS

The rules and info, basic as it is, can be found on this page

Get a feel for one the events from George Sewell and Phil Mitchell who knocked up this ‘documentary’ footage!

See you there.

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Hangar Cafe phase 1 opens Saturday 09/08/14

Fresh food to fuel your fun starts tomorrow at The Climbing Hangar

Freshly made on site, with love and a view to rapid expansion into a brilliant menu!

Full menu, pictures and everything soon.  For now, turn up, eat and feedback!

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Project Pink Circuit

Ladies and Gents, The Climbing Hangar has a new super hard circuit set courtesy of Ned Feehally, Martin Smith and Shauna Coxsey. This consists of 20 pink problems. The first person to send all the problems (regardless of number of sessions) will win £250! Scorecards can be picked up from reception and handed back after each session. Get involved (normal entry applies to British Team members taking part). Please tag in folks who you think will be keen!

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