What's involved?

‘Nourishing you to give your baby the best foundation & start in life.’

Pregnancy yoga is great for beginners, and can help women enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort. It is a safe and effective way to build strength & stamina for labour and aids postnatal recovery. Breathing and relaxation techniques create a sense of calm & control during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Yoga offers the chance to connect with your baby and other mum’s-to-be.

Suitable from 14 weeks onwards (first trimester is complete).

(Note: you maybe entitled to paid time off from employment to attend these classes, as this is considered an antenatal class that benefits you and your unborn baby)

Available times:


09:30 - 10:45pm


Tuesday morning is Hangar chill time. 

We run a number of yoga sessions for parents and little ones each week. You can book any of our sessions online.

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