New to climbing?

All new climbers need to do an induction session before being let loose on the walls. Inductions take 20-30 mins and include a tour, safety briefing and tips to get you off the ground. 

Availability can be restricted during busy periods, so book ahead to get a time that suits you. 

Book my induction

New to the Hangar?

Thanks for stopping by. When you show up we'll give you a quick tour of the centre, have a chat about your climbing experience, and you should be good to go.

We run coaching, socials and events for all climbing abilities. Check out what's on at your home Hangar and get involved.

What's on

Bringing the kids?

The best way to introduce kids to climbing is through one of our kids' clubs, but if you'd prefer to drop in on your own time you are welcome to supervise your junior climbers yourself after a quick induction. 

We operate a strict ratio of no more than two kids to one supervising adult (one to one for ages 4-7). 

Supervision guidelines

Not sure it's for you?

Climbing is presented as an extreme, high adrenaline sport and your first visit to a wall can feel a bit daunting. But really, it's very accessible, super friendly and well within your grasp. Take a look at our myth-busting blog about first times and what to expect.

Your first climb

Climbing coaching Plymouth

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