Swansea is a little bit different....

Planning on coming to visit our new Welsh home for the first time? Registering with us online saves you time at the wall and makes your check in process silky smooth.

It's a little different to our usual process due to a new way of managing customer records.

1. Register an account with us here: https://booking.theclimbinghangar.com/register.aspx

This will hold all your Hangar info making booking a whole lot easier, giving you access to all your previous activity and even allowing you to add friends and family members to make booking for a few people at a time super-easy.

2. You should then receive a confirmation email that will invite you to complete your waiver. Don't worry if you've already completed a waiver before registering for an account - our crew will join the two together when you check in to make sure you're all covered.

3. Enjoy your wall time! Turn up and check in at reception. If you're new to climbing we recommend booking an induction. If you're simply new to us we'll give you a little tour and you'll be free to explore.

If you are registering on behalf of other people you can add them from within your own account, but each person will need their own waiver.

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Did you know?

We offer unlimited climbing for just £24.99 per month. Get discounts on yoga and fitness sessions, coaching and socials at no extra cost, exclusive members' events and all the usual benefits of climbing at the Hangar - free hire shoes, floorwalking coaches and more fun than you can shake a hold brush at.

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