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Hangar founder Ged Mac and the gang are here to take you on a tour of The Climbing Hangar Liverpool Matchworks. They’ll explain what we’re changing to make The Hangar a place that's #safe2climb.

They’ll also reveal how you can help, before, during and after your visit.

Is indoor climbing safe?

Nothing matters more than the safety of our customers, coaches and crew. For this reason, we have devised a new operating policy which adheres to the latest guidance from the government, UKActive and the Association of British Climbing Walls (ABC), concerning hygiene and safety procedures.

How to climb safely

In order to ensure your safety, and the safety of those around you, we have introduced some new rules for ALL visitors and staff members.

  • All visitors MUST sanitise their hands upon entry
  • Social distancing guidelines must be observed (on the mat AND on the wall)
  • A one-way system through the centre must be followed
  • Masks should be worn in all public spaces, except during intense physical activity

Climbing in a post COVID-19 world

The Climbing Hangar #safe2climb campaign introduces a range of new procedures and safety measures to all of our centres around the UK. So, what can you expect from your visit?

Cleanliness and Hygiene

We’ve invested in more hand washing and sanitiser stations for all sites and ramped up our site cleaning schedule.

Coronavirus poses a unique challenge to indoor climbing, since climbing holds cannot be sanitised after every attempted climb, but if we all agree to follow guidelines on sanitisation and hygiene, we can keep holds as clean as possible. For this reason, we’re asking ALL visitors to sanitise their hands upon entry, and throughout their visit to a centre.

In addition, we have increased our hold cleaning schedule, while the rest of the centre will be deep cleaned every night, using anti-viral disinfectant. Crew will continue to clean all shared areas and equipment throughout the day too.

We’ll continue to offer free rental on climbing shoes, but our biocidal shoe spray is proven to kill COVID-19 in minutes, and we’ll clean each pair before and after every use.

Social Distancing

Another important aspect of COVID-19 safety is social distancing. Government guidance on social distancing MUST be followed by ALL visitors and this applies not only to the centre floor and the climbing area mats, but also the climbing wall.

Before attempting a climb, visitors are expected to plan their route and ensure that there will not be a crossover with another climber. Because for route-setters to create the very best climbs, they need the freedom to take a route in various directions, rather than simply up or down. Just because you begin a climb at safe distance from other climbers doesn’t mean the top of the climb will be the same distance from other customers, since climbs can run in different directions. Assess your direction of travel, plan your climb and maintain safe distance from those around you.

As you make your way around the climbing area, you’ll find a wide variety of climbs to attempt, regardless of your climbing ability or experience level. But we need your help to make the site as safe as possible, by planning your route before you pull on, and make sure you won’t invade another climber’s space, until they have exited the bloc.

We’re also reducing the capacity of our centres, to ensure that we don’t get too busy. We want you to feel safe and comfortable to climb.

Our one-way system makes it as simple as possible to maintain a safe social distance.

Contactless entry and payment

If you’re a monthly member of The Climbing Hangar you can check in upon entry, using our contactless card reader in order to minimise your contact with the crew. We will also remain cashless until stated otherwise, meaning the retail and café area will only accept card payment.

Crew training and expertise

Before returning to the business, our coaches and crew received extensive training on our new cleaning and safety protocols. But, hey, we’re not robots. You can expect the same warm welcome you’ve always received.

Building Capacity and Bookings

In order to manage capacity and keep climbers safe, ALL visits to The Climbing Hangar, must be booked in advance using our online booking portal.

Booking couldn’t be simpler and you can cancel your booking at any time.

So hit the link below to book at climb at your nearest centre.


Feeling unwell ahead of your climb? Simply remain at home and let us know, as we will be happy to refund your booking in full.

This will help us to manage capacity and provide all visitors with the best experience possible.

The #safe2climb guarantees

  • Fully briefed and trained staff
  • Testing days to ensure the new experience upholds customer safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment for staff
  • Cashless payments
  • New cleaning protocols with higher frequency
  • Dedicated Staff to cleaning high contact surfaces throughout the day
  • Hand Sanitizer and cleaning stations
  • Anti-bacterial shoe spray for all our hire shoes and for customer use
  • Liquid chalk strongly recommended (its high alcohol content aids in preventing contamination)
  • Masks mandatory in all shared areas, except when climbing

A few other things to bear in mind:

In accordance with government guidance, we will run at a low customer capacity to ensure social distancing, customer safety and deliver a better more desirable experience for customers

ALL visits to The Climbing Hangar must be booked in advance.

We have introduced a one way system around the site to make social distancing as simple as possible.

Find out more about climbing and coronavirus

Do you have more questions about the reopening of The Climbing Hangar post COVID-19?

Our coronavirus page is full of common questions and useful information from UKActive, a not-for-profit body comprised of members and partners from across the UK leisure sector, headed by sport scientist Professor Greg Whyte OBE.


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