First steps

Drop by as often as you want when you're starting out to pick up a few techniques, learn about reading routes, meet others at the beginning of their climbing journey and generally set yourself up for the best possible experience. 

Book in advance

Next level

Hitting a plateau around V3/V4? Need a little motivation and fresh perspective? Our informal but challenging sessions will encourage you to try more advanced techniques and give you help you develop greater strength and flexibility.

Book in advance


Bite-sized skill surgeries to help you crack that specific skill. Slabs, roofs, cracks, dynos. these are unscheduled sessions that often run based on demand, so there's no need to book. Rock up and see what's on or make a request.

Training tips

If the shoe fits...

As you progress you'll find having the right shoes makes the world of difference. 

All our walls have shops on site selling a range of climbing shoes, and we offer expert help to make sure you find the perfect fit. You can even try them on the walls before purchase. 

Just ask a crew member next time you're in.

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