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One of our most popular calendar events, socials are low key climbing sessions designed to get you out of your comfort zone and enjoying our Hangar community.

They're usually themed around a particular interest or skill, and everyone of every ability is welcome. They're provide loads of opportunity to challenge yourself, meet new people and learn from climbers you might not usually speak to.

Sometimes they're regular (like crushing the new set or heading out to the hills) or one offs when we just fancy doing something different, and they are always lead by a crew member keen to share their knowledge and amp up the psyche!

How do I get involved?

Socials are open to everyone and often included in entry, so just rock up and enjoy. Food and beers may well be on offer to keep you going (obviously the beer stops you) and for our regular sessions there's no booking required.

Every wall runs different sessions, so check out what’s coming up near you.

What's coming up?

Hangar Day Out

Days out

Hangar days out are a great way to explore the real rocks near our walls. We bring the knowledge and the pads, you bring the adventurous spirit. Join us for car shares in the morning, or meet us on the crag. It's the most fun you can have outside.

My first outdoor climb
George setting in a canoe

New set

When the drills are out you know they mean business. Our weekly re-set socials are your opportunity to keep the setting team inline. Let them watch you climb and adjust. Provide them with feedback. Swear at them. But remember, ultimately, they're in control.

Climbing beta vids - coming soon
Cupid at the Hangar


Potentially a regular event, Come Climb with Me matched up unlucky in love boulderers for couples climbs, balancing challenges and a spot of romance. We certainly saw some friendships and perhaps a few sparks amongst the holds. Watch this space.

Love on the wall

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