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  • Three rounds of action (25 BLOCS EACH) 
  • A launch party for every round, including one-night-only challenges and extra prizes. 
  • Open to everyone - every level and every age
  • Digital scorecards powered by Vertical Life
  • Scorecards are just £3 per round, plus your usual standard entry.
  • We recommend booking your place at the launch party in advance, because it's gonna get busy

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Competition Dates

Every Round of the competition begins with an extra special launch event, but competitors can hit the blocks and collect their scores at any time over the following 8 days of each round too. 

Round 1: 07.06.19 – 16.03.19 (Scorecards must be submitted by close of play on 16th June)

Round 2: 05.07.19 – 15.07.19 (Scorecards must be submitted by close of play on 14th July)

Round 3: 09.08.19 – 18.08.19 (Scorecards must be submitted by close of play on 18th August)

Competition Categories

  • Pro (Red and Above, V4+)
  • Am (Green to Purple, V0 to V3)
  • Youth (Under 14 only)

Competition Scoring

For the first time ever, we’re using the Vertical Life digital scorecard for our comp. This means we’ll be able to run a live leaderboard on-site throughout the comp, and submitting your scores couldn’t be easier. 

Every round will kick off with an opening night party with prizes for our special, on-night only challenges. 

Note: You need to buy one scorecard per round that you want to enter. Launch night scorecards are valid for the entire round.

Points System

The format of the comp will be the 1000 points system. Every problem is worth 1000 points at the start, but each time it gets climbed the value will decrease. So, for example: if 2 climbers complete the climb it will be worth 500 points, if 4 people climb it, it will be worth 250. If 1000 people climb it then it will be worth 1 get the drift. 

Opening Night Challenges

  • Hang Time Challenge Hold on for as long as you can, and the male and female with the longest hang time take home a prize.
  • Dyno Challenge Complete a special, action-packed dyno to enter a prize draw.
  • World Cup Bloc We’re using the same holds as the pro’s to set a IFSC World Cup style bloc. All you have to do for the chance to win a prize is to top the bloc and enter the prize draw.

Competition Prizes

  • Male and female round winners in each category will receive medals. 
  • Overall male and female series winners in each category will take home the SBS trophy.
  • Launch night challenges will have their own prizes awarded on the night, but remember to register - you've got to be in it to win it.

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