We had such an amazing time doing Ticket to Rockstars we don't want it to be over. 

So we thought, what better way to celebrate everyone who made it such an amazing experience than getting together to watch the finals stream live from Stuttgart.

London, Liverpool and Plymouth will be opening late on 14th September so you can catch all the action, and get in a sneaky after hours climb too. We'll have food and drink aplenty and hopefully we'll get to see some of our UK T2R finalists battling out with the big guys!

Open to everyone. Standard entry prices apply. Climbing until around 10:30pm.


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Loved your Rockstars experience?

Inspired to get into training for our next competitions? Or even as the start of your journey to Rockstars 2020? We offer progression classes and coaching for climbers of all levels, loads of which are included in your entry. Check out what's on offer.

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