Autism friendly climbing

Everyone is welcome at Calm Climbing, but these sessions have been specifically designed for customers who experience symptoms of ASD (autism spectrum disorder), ADHD, social anxiety or simple sensitivity to lots of noise and commotion. We turn down the volume and turn up the support of our coaches, so that visitors can feel safe, and free from distractions, while having fun on the wall. We’re particularly keen to open this up to junior climbers and we’ll have plenty of coaches on hand to support them, for no more than the price of entry.

If you're looking for activities for an ASD child, or just about anybody who could be intimidated during our peak climbing hours, then Calm Climbing could be for you.

There's no need to book online although you can use the online reservation to let us know about any specific support you might need during the session. Standard prices apply.

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Autism friendly climbing for groups

We can schedule a coached session during Calm Climbing, or run a train the trainer session for you so you can supervise your own group. And if our Calm sessions don't suit your plans, get in touch to chat about how we can help throughout the week.

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