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The Climbing Hangar is not known for doing things by halves, and our event schedule is always a packed affair. Competitions, parties, talks and films, exclusive members’ only Lock Ins and social climbs are just some of the ways we bring good people together for good times and even better climbing.

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Plymouth lock in

Lock Ins

Take advantage of quieter walls and the deep down Hangar community vibe at our members' only Lock Ins. Late climbing, bar, food and entertainment. Entry included in your membership for a little added value and a lot of added fun.

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Installations, art shows, our legendary UV night - the Hangar is our playground and we love dressing it up. We organise celebrations every few months across all our walls so everyone gets to celebrate HangarLife together. Don't be shy.

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We run two mega leagues each year, and a number of smaller events for different age groups and abilities. Competitions are the lifeblood of climbing (even if you're just starting out!). Show us what you've got.

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Days out

Hangar days out are a great way to explore the real rocks near our walls. We bring the knowledge and the pads, you bring the adventurous spirit. Join us for car shares in the morning, or meet us on the crag. It's the most fun you can have outside.

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New set

When the drills are out you know they mean business. Our weekly re-set socials are your opportunity to keep the setting team inline. Let them watch you climb and adjust. Provide them with feedback. Swear at them. But remember, ultimately, they're in control.

Climbing beta vids - coming soon

Calm Climbs

Monthly sessions for those who appreciate a little bit of quiet time at the wall. Turn the music down but keep the fun. 

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Share together

We often host films, talks and masterclasses from inspiring climbers, adventurers, or interesting people with a story to tell. Learning from one another is one of the keys to good climbing, on the wall and off. 

If you've got a suggestion for an event or talk, get in touch.

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Shauna coaching

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