1. Friendship

School is great for making lots of friends. Climbing is better. The best climbing buddies I’ve seen in my groups have formed their friendship around a mutual interest, strong teamwork and lots of giggling. Hugs, games of tick and plenty of birthday party invitations have been shared. And that’s just between the children. I’ve been honoured to receive my fair share of birthday party invites too. And who doesn’t need more birthday party invites, eh?

2. Problem solving

I had a parent come up to me after a class the other day; it’s currently school report season. I could guess most of what her daughter’s report said without asking. She’s a chatterbox. She gets on well with other kids. But one of her most unique features, according to her teachers? She’s a problem solver. She knows how to try things, repeatedly and differently each time. And the fact that in her climbing classes she has to try the same problem each week to get one hold higher? Unrelated, I’m sure.

3. Confidence

Asking each other questions. Reaching the top of the wall. Sticking their tongue out at a member of staff. Asking a customer if they can use the wall. Trying the slackline on their own. Making their way down the big slide (and it’s big, believe me) for the first time. Was I that confident at the age of 8? Most definitely not.

4. Independence

There’s nothing scarier than being half way up a climbing wall, and feeling a bit stuck. Suddenly the walls feel twice the height and the holds feel half the size. But getting past that, on your own, without help and conquering your fears? What better way to reach the realisation that you can do anything you want, all on your own?


Our climbing classes for kids are called ROCK CLUB. A choice of age groups are available and sessions are held throughout weekday evenings and weekends.

Find out more about Rock Club and book a class for your little monkeys today.


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