The Turkey Burner

(2hrs SESSION)

The warm up is designed to warm you up, so stay wrapped up in a hoody or whatever for your first 10-15 mins climbing. The warm up will be faster, more through and your chances of injury will be reduced. Sweat on your brow indicates your core temperature is up and your body is shifting into exercise mode. So your warm up is to climb as many easy problems as possible in 15mins without speeding up loads, just chalk quickly each time you get back to ground level and get straight on the next one. Completing all the greens or most of them in 15mins is quite realistic after a few weeks practice.

Stretch out your shoulders, arms, chest back and hips.

10 minutes of on the minute climbing (start your timer you have 60 secs to climb the problem and rest before the next 60 sec window to climb and rest, the longer it takes you to get up the less rest there is!) the climbs should be hard for you but ones you know and can complete.

5 pullups on the Beastmaker (feet on the kick board if needed)
10 press ups (too easy? Do clap press-ups instead)
10 crunches (too easy? Hold low dish for 2 x 30 secs)
hold plank for one minute

Repeat the above 4 times without resting between sets

Now at a steady pace aim to complete 80 boulder problems, you can do the same ones over and over if required – start with the hardest ones you can do and get progressively easier until you are doing the easiest problems in the building or even using multiple colours so by the end you are essentially warming down. Pat yourself on the back and do this 1-3 times per week for 6 weeks if super keen and you will notice a huge gain in fitness! Turkey burnt off!