Entry and Prices

There are two tariffs, Peak and Off-Peak. Off-Peak times are from 10:00 – 14:00 Monday to Friday, one price: £5 for members. At all other times entry prices for the Centre are as follows.
  • Adult: £7.50
  • Concession: £7.00 (Student, NHS, Military, Vagabonds)
  • Junior (U16): £6.50

Under 14′s are required to have a parent/guardian present and supervising (they can be climbing as well!).  NOTE: One guardian can supervise up to 2 children (ratio 1:2). If you are between 14-17 you can climb unsupervised  if your parents come with you on the first visit to sign the parental consent form.

  • Family ticket: £40 (2 adults, 3 children, kit hire)
  • Off peak (weekdays before 14:00, stay as long as you like): £5.00


  • 10 climb: £67.50 A / £58.50 J / £63 C
  • 1 mth : £44
  • 3 mth : £120
  • 6 mth : £210
  • 1 year : £360


If you have never climbed before and want to start, this is the first step.  An induction qualifies all people over 14 to be able to use the centre fully independently, without the need to book.

  • Adult: £15
  • Junior: £10
  • Family: £45 (2 adults/3 kids)


We cater for all kinds of groups – for the full range of information: GROUPS


Ninja Monkeys is where tomorrows climbing stars begin their career!  Fun and engaging indoor climbing sessions where kids learn the basics of climbing movement, make friends and develop into nimble climbers.  As the Ninja’s get older or show flare for the sport, we channel them into Hot Rox which is our talented youth session.  Working on more advanced movement skills, climbing drills and the basics of training, the Hot Rox is a super motivated group that never fail to amaze with their vertical talent.

Additionally, for those young people who show interest, we use Hot Rox as a talent pool for the North West Junior Competition Climbing Team who compete nationally and who feed into the GB Youth Climbing Team.  So there is a pathway to international competition from Ninja Monkeys to the world stage.

The centre opens at 9am on a weekend with Ninja Monkeys session 1 kicking off at 9.15 – 10.30, giving you time to get in, grab a coffee and get your shoes on before the session starts.

Hot Rox and Ninja Monkeys Session 2 starts at 10.45 and lasts until 12.00.

All kids groups must be either block booked for £100 for 3 months which includes equipment hire.  Non Attendance is not refundable.  If you are new and wish to try the sessions without a longer term commitment we offer a taster pass for three sessions, with hire for £25.


Rock shoes are compulsory on the climbing walls, not only is it more hygienic, but climbing is about using the feet not the arms.  Climbing without rock shoes is like playing tennis with a cricket bat, you can still hit the ball……it’s just a lot harder!!!

  • Boot hire: £3.00
  • Chalk hire: £ 1.00

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