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B.O.S.S. Competition rules

Today at The Climbing Hangar, Liverpool’s best indoor climbing experience, is a brilliant competition with free t-shirts, cash prizes, beer and hotdogs! If the past competitions are anything to go by, it will be brilliant fun!

All competitions have rules of engagement to keep the playing field level and fun for everyone. Here they are:

HangarThe B.O.S.S. rules are set to ensure our competition is fair. All competitions depend on your honesty and the playing field being level. Getting called out for cheating is a bit ugly so if you are not sure of the rules on any problem just ask – FAIR IS FUN!

1.B.O.S.S. scoring Problems are all set on black holds
2. All boulder problems start with two tags that indicate where your hands must start. If there are two holds with a tag, then you must start with a hand on each.
3. If there is one hold with two tags you must start with two hands on one hold.
4. Foot holds are not marked but will always be either a black hold, a volume or a smear on the wall.
5. Volumes are always in
6. Features except the top of the wall are always in unless specified on the problem
7. Bolt holes, either on the wall or the middle of the hold are NEVER in!

TO START A PROBLEM CORRECTLY: Have both hands on tagged holds, take both of your feet off the floor, pause and the begin to climb. Pushing off the floor with one or two feet to start is cheating
TO COMPLETE A PROBLEM CORRECTLY: You must be touching the last hold with two hands for 3 PROPER seconds.
When you have completed a problem, write your name on the sheet by the problem.
Tick the problem on your scorecard – next problem please!


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When climbing becomes parkour…

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Yellow circuit going up right now!!!!

Ged designing the new yellow circuit this morning, ready to be climbed by your good selves later today

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Comic Relief Climbing Competition Mar 18th

Doing something good is made all the sweeter when it involves doing something you love! So lets climb and eat cake! All day Friday from our normal opening hours of 12 is our open Comic Relief Competition, 25 problems from V0 to 9, everyone who climbs can win a prize, the coolest of which is a shiny new bouldering pad and we are doing all kinds of funky things for the day; Red sprinkles on the Cappuccino, yummy red cakes and a free ten climb pass for the best red themed fancy dress The comp winner will take home a special Red Nose cake baked by Delamere Delights and a 1 month free climbing pass! All we ask in return is that you make a donation into our big red bucket of love! Going climbing can save lives! How often can we say that?

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