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Summer climbing, music and beer!

Summer climbing, music and beer!

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How does it work?

The format for the B.O.S.S. has been borrowed from the American Bouldering Championships and the idea is to reward climbers for maximum effort instead of flashing (like our Winter League). You score points for each problem you climb to the top and match the finishing hold. The number of goes does not matter. Each problem is worth 1000 points divided by the number of people that climb it, for example a problem that is climbed by 20 people is worth 50 points (1000/20=50).

Find out more about the scoring system.

At the start of the night,. Collect a scorecard and a pen, tick each problem you climb and at the end of the night we will tell you how many points each problem is worth and you can add your scores up.

Do I have to be good?

We get asked this all the time, the answer is always no! If you have never competed before, don’t worry you don’t have ‘to be good.’ If you can climb a green then there will be loads you can get up. Hangar competitions are a far cry from what you might be used to; imagine being cheered on by those you are competing against and asking them for advice to begin with. Competition nights here are far from a serious event and more about testing your problem solving skills and observing others to see if you can use their techniques. It’s an amazing night for developing your skills as a climber and you will almost certainly come away with a few extra friends.